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I've had an ongoing toothache for about two weeks. No medicine (Advil, Excedrin, etc.) was helping. I have a filling that came out, so I have a hole in my darn tooth. But! After reading some of the entries, I tried chewing bread and covering the tooth with it, which took away almost all the pain. I also filled a Ziploc baggy with hot water and held it to me cheek. That took away the remaining pain. I really hate taking medicine, so this worked wonderfully for me!!

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Wow this is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of the pain. I've never posted anything before but thought i would just for this Pain scale is right up there with my kidney stone just want to sleep now that the pain is gone. Bread who would of thought... Luckily someone


My tooth has been killing me over the last couple of days. Mostly at night. I have taken all the pain pills I can think of and used orajel and ambesol like they are going out of style. I can keep brushing my teeth and it helps or rinse with mouthwash, but that only lasts for a few minutes. I ate the bread and it seems to be working, until the bread goes away and I need another piece.


It's works BUT you have tO keep chewing or just leave the bread on the tooth


Bread is fine for intestinal issues but not for TEETH! Dentists explain that bread, pretzels, etc. are the worst thing to eat before bed since it sticks to the teeth & desolves into pure sugar which, of course, promotes decay. I'm looking for pain relief that will work but not worsen the condition. I'm sure you are too.


so far so good almost imediate pain relief going to smoke a blunt n pop[ a hydro breaD is awesome


If your missing a filling there is a temperary filling at the pharmacy that you can put in yourself its called tempanal. Works great!!


Worked for me and I'm very satisfied with the results, thank you so very much lol


It's 7:15am and I have been up off and on all night with tooth pain from a cracked tooth its getting to be so unbearable. So I have tried everything and nothin worked to releave the pain came on here to home remedies and read that bread was amazing for tooth pain and it helped someone and BAM there it was BREAD yes people plain bread chew it on the area of pain and a few minutes later the was relief starting working I coulnt believe it. Thanks bread lady

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