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I had the worst case of plantar warts my dr had ever seen in my teens. I most likely got it from running in wet socks/shoes during cross country training. At any rate, I tried the acid method and several other remedies and then the dr turned me on to an 'old wives tail' remedy. Soak your foot in fermaldahyde. Yes, the same stuff they use for preserving your disection frogs in biology class. I soaked my feet in a solution mixed with water once a day for like a week or two and they cleared up. It was amazing and hard to believe but it worked for me. Before that I had them for like a year.

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Where do you buy that stuff ??


My doctor also told me that I had the worst Wart he had ever seen on an 18 year old. I also run cross country but he didnt mention that my wart could have been caused by that. Its actually kind of strange because last year we had to run across a creek and my feet were soaked the the last mile and half. Where did you get the stuff to soak your feet in?


Just fyi fermaldehyde is a carcinogen may not be the best idea to soak your feet in. Schools can't even let children be around it especially in anatomy classes with dead animals.


Do not soak your feet in formaldehyde. It will kill the warts but it also kills everything else around it.

Soak them in 100-105 degree water and it will do the same thing without the damage to the cells around it.


Warts are not caused by having your feet wet a long time. They are caused by strands of the HPV virus. Yes it lives on wet surfaces so you can catch it from a pool or shower.

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