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UC sufferer for 2 years. First 6 months I was bad, bleeding up to 10 times a day. Then a year's grace, I thought I was home and dry. Then it came back.

I hear medicinal marijuana can help. My friend who studies medicine as well as her mother who is a qualified doctor say this is the most natural medication for UC. On their advice I have purchased a vapouriser from an 'alternative' store and one has to be a bit street savy and daring/contacts (if it is not legal where you are) to take personal responsibility for your health. In most countries it is illegal (even for health) so I cannot legally advise to do this, though everyone must take their own health and life in their own hands. I refuse to smoke the marijuana with tobacco and if you are not ready for a vapouriser (which gives you the medicinal component of the THC without the bad chemicals from the smoke) then you could try to smoke marijuana with parsley (rather than tobacco). A vapouriser is around £50.

Prednisolone is very important for me to get out of flare ups. I take 30mg a day at present which is the minimum that seems to be effectual. Accompanied by Pentasa (not really too sure how this helps...).

Also try the following drinks: coconut juice is delicious and very soothing; green and lemon tea bag with hot water, real lemon, honey, plenty of fennel. Works a treat at alkalanising the body which is what we UC/Crohn's sufferers must all do. Some theories say avoid mixing protein and carbs too and I had some limited success with this but it needs medicine also to work. It does not stop the bleeding (at least for me) but it does lead to a healthier diet. Not drinking with meals too. Eating slowly and lots of salmon and greens. Avoid carbs as much as possible. Dairy - deal with it as you know yourself. Gluten - I feel there is a link but I would not say UC sufferer is necessary gluten intolerant... I have a religious obligation to eat bread every week and I dread it now for UC reasons but since I am on Prednisolone steroids it does not make me bleed. When I lower the dose, I am bleeding within 5 mins.

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read a book called 'BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE' intestinal health through diet by elaine gottschall. its the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD). The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a group of foods which are grain-free, sugar-free, starch-free, and unprocessed. While removing many foods that are toxic and digestively harmful the diet remains natural, extremely nourishing and representative of what our ancestors ate. Any food that is not properly digested causes bacterial and yeast overgrowth when undigested carbohydrates are fed on by bacteria and yeast in the intestinal tract. This starts a chain reaction of excess toxins and acids which cause irritation of the small intestine cells damaging them and causing food absorption issues which only helps to continue the cycle.The diet is an all natural way to break this cycle of bacteria and yeast overgrowth by eliminating the food sources they feed on. By working to restore gut flora to normal levels the intestinal tract is allowed to start repairing any damage by itself. no drugs, surgery nothing just diet. you will notice a change in one week after the into. diet. it will change your life :) go organic and pura vida :)

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