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Make a paste with 2 cups of oatmeal and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch. Add a little water to make it into a paste. Apply to affected area for 15-30 minutes. It dries the hives up within a couple of hours.

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I tried this oatmeal paste and it worked wonders! Not only did it feel great on my skin while I had it on, but it took the itch out and my hives were fading within hours. Thanks for the tip!

Michele (

I tried the oatmeal paste and it did do wonders for the itching. It didn't really 'dry up' the hives. The red marks are still there just not as raised as they were before.

Before you try this remedy, first think about an effective way to get it off your body. I was so wrapped up in stopping the itching I didn't think that far ahead and not I have a stopped up tub full of oatmeal.

602 enyfa

this is some good stuff it realy worked


i only had a minor case of hives but this worked for me. the redness and swelling went down only after about 30 mins. thanks!!


I have had hives for about a week and they have gotten progressively worse each night. Now they are everywhere form the bottom of my feet to my lips. I got several prescriptions from the dermatologist, but the cream couldn't be filled in time and Benadryl (oral and topical cream) and an oral antihistimine weren't working.
I filled a bathtub with warm water, a cup of baking soda, 3 cups of oatmeal and half a cup of cornstartch. As soon as I got in, the itching stopped (sweet relief!!) I rubbed the paste at the bottom of the tub on my skin and soaked for about 30 min. I haven't slept in 2 nights, but tonight, I'll sleep. Not a permanent solution, but it helped better than any mediation I've tried.
Ice Packs work well for small patches, but you can't ice your whole body...


OK. My sis has bad Hives right now and they look so nasty and she has already taken a bath so she can't take another one. She is using baking soda paste, and that is stopping the itching, but is not making the hives go away. what will?


My 5 year-old son has had chronic hives for the last nine months. He takes zyrtec everyday, but when the breakouts spiral out of control, nothing brings it down. We've also given him Benadryl in addition to the zyrtec, but that tends to make him irritable and I don't know that it helps very much. I just read about this oatmeal bath remedy last night and tried it with him. When he woke up this morning, he looked incredible! His hives were probably 75% better. I put him in the oatmeal bath again this morning. It really calmed and soothed his skin. I can't tell you how happy and excited I am about this--he has been absolutely miserable and it didn't seem like there was anything that I could do. I would recommend this to anyone; I may even let our allergist know how well it worked. Give it a try--what do you have to lose??


My daughter gets hives every time she gets a fever...they last 3-4 days and are terribly painful. She takes Zyrtec, Benedril, and Singulair at night and Clariten in the morning. The Allergist is trying layering the antihistamines to try and get control that way. She does need steroids every now and again to blow them away because they are so bad, but prolonged use is not advised...I am going to try the oatmeal bath. I've used Aloe with Lidocaine that I bought from the Drug store. The Pharmacist recommended it to stop the burning and numb the itch. It works pretty good, but it makes her cold. Thanks


I made and applied this to my hive covered girlbaybay boo. It worked like a charm, easy to make, works like it says. Thanks!

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