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I think using natural things like ROSEMARY is the way to go!! Everyone here seems to be so blinded by killing the fleas that they don't realize they are all poisoning and slowly killing their dogs and cats!!!! It is really bad to use shampoos with chemicals to wash the animals and then to use FRONTLINE with more chemicals!!! And SEVEN is horrible!! Even using that on your lawn can pollute well water and who knows what else! Do your research first on anything you are going to put on your animals and especially your children!! Have you ever read whats in your shampoo?? Your pets shampoo? Wake up!!

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can u give more detail on some organic remedies then? please i'm interested because i was reading these too, swimming pool products...really?? i agree it's killing your animals and the environment..i need help for my puppy, i'm broke and up for any suggestions!


While I agree with your views, there are other ways to have said it. Far more respectful ways, that do not include excessive punctuation, or constant capitalization.
Please consider that.
Thank you.


Oh come in people. Get a clue. Can't y'all just get along. There is such anything as freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to it.


Tea tree oil is toxic if used by itself directly on a dogs skin. Unfortunately I did this and made my dog very sick. I brought her to the vet. Tea Tree oil affects the nervous system. She was treated by the vet. Then brought home fully recovered.

In memory of Peanut <3

Thank you for your helpful information. I can say that I was pretty well u[set by some of the things that other people posted to you. I recently lost my 7 year old very loved Chihuahua due to a severe reaction to Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea drops. This product has been killing thousands of cats and dogs alike. My vet told me that within a months time, just at her practice alone, that there were 234 animals that had the same reaction to Hartz products, and that out of that 234 animals, a little more than 1/2 of them died. Unfortunately my Chihuahua was one of those who passed away. I had always used Frontline on my dog, but this one time my 19 year old daughter went to Walmart and bought the flea drops for the dog. We applied it to her on a Wednesday evening, and by Thursday morning she could not walk. It progressed over the next few days to the point where she started having horrible seizures, she then started having severe diahreah and it eventually turned into straight bright red blood. She ended up staying at the vet for two days, where she eventually started having so many seizures that they had to keep her on a drip along with her already existing I.V. fluids, to help her to not have seizures, but she still continued having the seizures, just not so many. She eventually dies after being hospitalized for two days.
When t his happened, I said that I would never again get another dog, because I didn't want to ever have to feel this kind of heart break again. After going without my sweet Chihuahua 'Peanut' for some time, I realized that I couldn't go through life without having that love and loyalty of a Chihuahua again. So, I just got a new Chihuahua, she is 4 years old, a little older than what I wanted to get, but she is a very , very sweet girl, and I have absolutely fallen in love with her already. She is actually a long haired Chihuahua, but the lady who I got her from is a dog groomer, so she told me that she shaved her throughout the summer to help her to be cooler, but I am now thinking that she shaved her in an effort to try to get rid of the fleas that she had.
So, I have been on this journey to get rid of these fleas, but I will not use any type of chemicals on her. I will absolutely refuse to use any kind of flea products on her, especially those flea drops.
So far I have tried the following; I gave her a bath with dawn dish soap, and then that didn't really work. So, then I went and found some all natural oatmeal shampoo and bathed her with that. This really didn't make much of a difference either. So now I stepped it up a little. I laid her down on a towel on my bed, and generously covered her with baby oil, and i went through her fur with a fine flea comb. I managed to get a lot of fleas off of her, but not all of them. So, after the baby oil treatment, I took her and gave her a bath with this all natural, hypo-allergenic baby shampoo. I also took a water bottle, and mixed warm water with some vanilla extract, and I sprayed her down with that. After she was dried off from the bath and the vanilla treatment, I then again applied another generous amount of baby oil to her fur, and again combed through her with the fine toothed comb. I didn't see anymore fleas, but yet they are back, with a vengeance it seems.
My poor dogs belly was so scratched up, she has little sores all over it, so I had to keep putting A&D Ointment on it to help heal it, which did heal it. But now she has scabs and horrible sores on her ears. I just want to help her to get rid of this fleas, the poor little girl all she does is scratch all the time, and she even whimpers and whines when she is scratching like it is hurting her.
I will try some of the natural remedies that I have found on this site, and I really hope that one of them will help me top get rid of the fleas that are driving my poor little baby girl Daphne crazy, and to just get rid of them out of our home as well.
Again, Thank You for your post and your ideas, and to let others know about the dangers of using any kind of a chemical on their pets. I mean, these flea drops are made of pesticides, which are dangerous chemicals, that is why they kill the fleas, but they are also killing the animals that we are putting it on!
I cannot believe that the Hartz Corporation is still selling these products knowing that they are killing many animals. And it is not just the flea drops, it is also the flea powders, flea collars and shampoos as well. I also just heard on the news that they are using a new ingredient in Frontline now, wand that is now killing animals. Unfortunately, many of these companies are changing the ingredients they put in their flea drops, and they are all having the same effect on animals. I am currently in the process of suing the Hartz Corporation for the death of my dog as a result of their product. So PLEASE EVERYONE READING THIS...DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS AS THEY WILL KILL YOUR ANIMALS!!! if you love your pets, PLEASE do not use these chemicals on them, use all natural things.


Hemlock is 'natural'


Atleast give people the recipe, instead of just scolding!!!!


Oatmeal shampoo will not kill fleas, it is mainly to help relieve the itchiness your pet would have. Diatomaceous earth is great (food grade only) do not use pool grade or any you would find in the garden section they are toxic. Garlic added in the food in small amounts, around every 2-3 days.

You can get oil mixtures as repellents but they will not kill fleas and ticks your pet already has.

Baby shampoo still isn't natural so I would probably stay away from it, pretty much everything we use for ourselves is full of chemicals. Be sure to always ready ingredient panels on the back of products, if you don't know what something is, do your research befor buying and you will end up learning a lot in the prossess :)

Deanna colozzi

Maybe if u read all the posts than u would c that 99.9% of the readers all use natural remedys. Chemicals snd all the hoopla u were ranting about was not even brought up about using it on dogs, so u need to read b 4 u start preaching bout ppl and hurting animals, ppl like u ruin my day, with ur nasty attitude so shut up and read before u open ur trap.


I have a large RoseMary Bush in my yard. How do I go about using it to kill the fleas on my dog. I know you can make a tea from the dried RoseMary, which is prostate problems.
Ann G.

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