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I think using natural things like ROSEMARY is the way to go!! Everyone here seems to be so blinded by killing the fleas that they don't realize they are all poisoning and slowly killing their dogs and cats!!!! It is really bad to use shampoos with chemicals to wash the animals and then to use FRONTLINE with more chemicals!!! And SEVEN is horrible!! Even using that on your lawn can pollute well water and who knows what else! Do your research first on anything you are going to put on your animals and especially your children!! Have you ever read whats in your shampoo?? Your pets shampoo? Wake up!!

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Fucking hippie


I USED to follow ALL the protocols like FLEA MEDS that poisoned the blood so it would kill day, I came across a blog and saw that PROMERIS was suppose to be taken off the market! Sice I live in Florida, with mosquitoes AND fleas, I asked myself if I WOULD put a liquid on MY NECK, let it poison my blood so it would kill mosquitoes. THAT DAY, I saw the light. Did research all over the world, and realized I had OPTIONS. Yes, it takes some work, by my dog is worth it. BABY SHAMPOOS contain a toxic amount of ingredients. Pet companies laugh all the way to the bank, because we need a convenient method for fighting fleas.
I even asked our VET, and he agreed the blood IS poisoned and that there ARE natural ways to prevent fleas. LEMON juice, rosemary, lavender and tea tree oil, cedar oil mixtures ALL will do the trick and NOT harm your pet. People can call ME all the names they want, I only care about doing the right thing for my pet. The information is out there. PLEASE get as much info as possible and realize, your PET is the one taking the risk.


Hi I am very interested in finding a natural remedy to combat the fleas on my cats and dog.I see you mention rosemary, lemon juice and lavender. Are these things mix together as a tonic with water or do you apply them individually. Would appreciate any advice.



Do you fry the Rosemary & lavender with a little olive oil or put it in a blender with the lavender?


Yes, I am also interested in the natural approach for my dogs. What do you mix together and their ratios? Tahnks


I must agree with you. I was sitting in my living room about ten minutes ago and was thinking about what to put on dog. Then it HIT me, I live in the Caribbean and sometime we use citronella oil and products which contain this oil to keep away insects and I decided to try it on my dog. I diluted with some water and sprayed it on. I don't know if it was right to use it on the dog or not but it worked. I watched to fleas hop out his fur and died and he seems alot happier. Tommorrow I rub him down with some tea tree oil and spray around the yard with some pinesol and citronella.


Chill out lady! You don't have to get so worked up about it.


Hi! Ý'm very interested in your 'LEMON juice, rosemary, lavender and tea tree oil, cedar oil mixtures' advice but how to mix them? What is the recipe?


What is the measurement for the remedy you suggest. Please email me at OR post here.


Obviously some of the things that are deemed safe and approved by the FDA have already ate the persons brain who made such an ugly and uncalled for comment to a well meaning and informed human being. It's so sad.

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