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Hi, was diagnosed last week, pain urinating, strange hot cold numbness sensation (anyone get this?) close to pain on patches of skin on buttocks, thighs, legs healS(especially the left). Did'nt know what it was so let blisters develop while watching in horror. iTCHY AND PAIN ON PENIS Lots of pain/ burning / difficult urinating. Shagged a girl 3 days before symptoms started unprotected (idiot!! but i dont need to say it ...right guys) but could have picked it up before, marriage broke down last year, bean particularly active. Lots of holidays here, so everything closed and could not see the doc. Got result and decided within 24 hours that I was going to turn it into the most positive thing life could thrww at me. There are watch your body all teh time adn learn about it, take it easy , supplement your diet and eat healthy, potentially you give up smoking and always using protection when sexually active. You fear rejection from others which make you value the relationships you have more and love deeper. Then you find a site like this that teaches you that there is a host of remedies and emotional support from people in the same boat as me. I am writing this post while sitting here with my penis out liberally covered in aloe vera and lemon balm , feeling fit and strong from teh Lysine, Zinc, Apple cider vinegar tablets and propolis tablets , i am bathing in Epsom Salts and washing my hands and keeping clean at every opportunity. Admittedly this is my first OB and it not that bas even though I have suffered all these wierd body aches and kinda tightness on the anus , although no blisters i dont think. So only 3 by 3 ml and then cluster of pinpricks all formed as scabs .....oh yeah i'm also on aciclovir 200mg times 5 times per day. The scabs are taking a while to get smaller though annoyingly! but generally all pain gone , just itching but not that often bouts.
Enough about me!!!......................I LOVE THIS SITE AND YOU ALL KNOW WHY!!!! CHIN UP FOLKS ITS ALL GONNA BE FINE. Thank you for your remedies people. Gimme more. Hoping for no more outbreaks !!!!!Is that just silly??

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it's not silly i hope you dont get them again its possible not to but it is rare.


I had the same weird tingling! When I tried to research it I never found anything. Good to know I'm not alone!


No you are not alone. I have gotten the tingling as well. And the thing I do most now is listen to my body. I get the tingling when in stressful situations. (i.e. at work, disagreement with one of the kids, etc) At work, if the tingling starts, I almost panic for fear another OB will come. I am just recently diagnosed with HSV-2 and the OBGyn said it was one of the worse cases she has seen. But good news.... (I think) as she said the first cases are usually the worse. I am hoping she is right. I have begun taking Lysine, and it seems to be helping at the moment.

new mummy

I am 27 years old and a new mummy, I have been living with GH and outbreaks 4-6 times a year for the last 10 years. I have only ever told one partner about this. It seems its a lot less common in the uk than in the states. My problem is I let it effect my life, and relationships as I fear rejection. And so become a recluse and hide away during OB, giving every excuse under the sun to avoid sex. I am currently suffering an outbreak and going through a break up. I take aciclovoir prescribed by my doctor, but I think I may becoming immune after 10 years as it hasn't worked this time. Can anyone help with anything else I can suggest to my doctor or use at home. I don't pay for prescriptions so the cost doesn't matter. Also I had a very difficult stressful birth with my daughter as was suffering a breakout at the time and that seems to have knocked my spirits, that and with the constant worrying about keeping clean while taking care of her is really getting to me.any advise however small would be much appreciated. Thanks

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