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me and my children get ear infections alot, its genetic. and the best thing that i used for pain and is also safe for my kids is i pour some salt into a pan and warm it up till its a light brown color, than pour it onto a cloth(salt is very hot BE CAREFUL), than i wrap up the cloth and hold it on the ear. the salt stays hot for a long time, and it helps a great deal with the pain and also helps drain the infection out. i hope this helps for you like it did for me:)

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Mrs. Mondragon

I couldn't get the salt to brown but I did everything else I already felt little popping noises but nothing major how long do I have to keep it on

Just Wondering

Why wouldn't you just use a heating pad?


I've had this annoying, throbbing & painful feeling in the ear all day and it seems to get worse now that I'm heading to bed.. I tried the cotton-ball-soaked-in-olive-oil remedy and that was a bust. I am about to try to salt-remedy and will let everyone know. OUCH :(


Warmed up the salt on a pan for about 10 minutes, did not brown. Put the salt in a legging-sock and am holding it against my ear as we speak. So far so good. Will comment in about an hour on the pain. :x

Update: USE COARSE SALT! Table salt will lose effectiveness in 5 minutes. What a relief though! Thank you all!


this so helps with the pain, and the swelling too, my right ear had been giving me probs for 2 days, i was ready to try anything, but this is easy and saves a trip to the doctor, ty vm


My husband has been suffering ear pain off and on for some time now. We were desperate to find something that worked, without medication. I tried this remedy and within a minute my husband was telling me he could feel it working! It was amazing! Thank you for posting!!


Didn't believe it was going to work thank you very much


Didn't do much for me but thanks anyway... Feel a little bit better. Earaches are from HELL...

Taylor the Grateful

Omg I tryed this. BOOM! Relief! Me and my little sister are back to normal!!! Woo! I love this remedy! Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! <3

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