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me and my children get ear infections alot, its genetic. and the best thing that i used for pain and is also safe for my kids is i pour some salt into a pan and warm it up till its a light brown color, than pour it onto a cloth(salt is very hot BE CAREFUL), than i wrap up the cloth and hold it on the ear. the salt stays hot for a long time, and it helps a great deal with the pain and also helps drain the infection out. i hope this helps for you like it did for me:)

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I put the salt in a cupcake paper and put in the microwave to heat it quickly and quietly at 1 a.m. In 5 min I had a heat compress. Just poured the salt into a jcloth and wrapped with a hair elastic. My little one is back to sleep with ths and some ibprophen. Thanks!


Really works right away too!! :)


Trying this right now . Been up for 2 hours with severe ear pain and pressure . Hope it works or it's off to the ER for me because this is the worst ear pain of my life !

A patient in UK

18 Sep 2012: taking pain killer (8x 500 mg Paracetamol tablets a day) did not reduce my bad earache. At 6:00 pm my earache was so much (10/10) that I called NHS24 (emergency). They said they would call me later. In the meantime I visited ‘Home Remedies’. Before using the ‘Hot Salt’ method, a call came from the NHS24. The lady advised that I should not take more than 8 Paracetamol tablets a day. I asked her if the ‘Hot Salt’ method was fine. She confirmed that it could work and suggested steaming. But she said, even if these methods helped reducing the pain I would still need to see a doctor the next day on emergency basis.
At about 7 pm I prepared the hot salt package and put it on my ear. After about 20 minutes the pain had vanished (0/10)! At about 10 pm, I felt some pain (2-3/10) again and steamed my ear. That helped reducing the pain to about 1/10. I went to bed ca 10:30 pm, but woke up ca 1:00 am, feeling very bad pain (9/10) and leaking ear. Dried the ear with tissue and did more steaming. Pain was reduced to ca 2/10 but I could sleep till about 2:00 am, when I woke up again with pain and leaking ear, containing some blood. This time I used the ‘Hot Salt’ method. Pain vanished and I slept, but woke up ca 3:00 am with pain and ear liquid to clean and again at 5:00 am.
19th September 2012 –Visited my doctor, who prescribed 28 Erythromycin, 250 mg antibiotic tablets, to take 4/day for seven days. She said I should also take up to 8 x 500 mg Paracetamol tablets to relieve the pain. The earache quickly disappeared after taking the first tablet at 1 pm, but gradually increased after 7 pm and it was so bad (10/10) that I could not sleep. Steaming reduced the pain to ca 8/10 and hot-salt method during the night reduced the pain to only 6/10, after 20 minutes! It seemed to me that the initial effect of Erythromycin was to make the bacteria retreat and to strengthen the body immune system, but after about a couple of hours, the bacteria seemed to have learned how to attack!


Thank you it's help me a lot :)


My salt didn't turn brown after quite awhile in the pan (but set off the smoke alarm). I wrapped it in a washcloth a few times around, because yes the salt is very very hot. I put it up to my ear, blocking out air with it, and I can't believe that this worked better than percocet (which I took and could still feel the pain through). It didn't take it away entirely, but gave me some much needed relief, so am going to do it again and again. Thank you so much!


How long does this take? It's been 5 mins and still not working:/ I'm miserable!


does it really work im really wondering???

Texas Girl Dani : )

I just tried this, the pain did go away but my ear still feels clogged. Also nothing drained out of my ear (dont know if it was supposed to or not). Does anyone know how to get my ear to drain?


I was skeptical about this but by George it really does work! Awesome!
p.s. don't put the salt in the rag with the rubber band on it before you put it in the microwave. Zap the salt separately! Learned the hard way...

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