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me and my children get ear infections alot, its genetic. and the best thing that i used for pain and is also safe for my kids is i pour some salt into a pan and warm it up till its a light brown color, than pour it onto a cloth(salt is very hot BE CAREFUL), than i wrap up the cloth and hold it on the ear. the salt stays hot for a long time, and it helps a great deal with the pain and also helps drain the infection out. i hope this helps for you like it did for me:)

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Its not working for me I don't get it , I followed instructions to the T !!!! I'm dying in pain was really hoping this would of worked :( .

in discomfort

My salt never turned brown.


Do u wet the towel


My 9 year old was crying because his ear hurt so bad. I thought that was odd because he hasnt had an ear infection since he was 1. I gave him some IBprofen and began my search on the web. I found this remedy and I was shocked to find out that it really worked. After about 30 minutes he was back to normal. Incredible! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much! This is working wonders.


For how long does it have to be in the ear for??

princess yna

thank you very much posting this. i tried it right and it is working. again thank you


Hello I had a cold w/ sinus pain and for the past 2 days I've been up all night dealing w/ this earache I tried peroxide and it just loosed the ear wax, it was no help w/ pain. I have swelling around my ear, my jaw and side of my face, if been taking ibuprofin but after two hours the pain was throbbing again, I just tried this remedy and it helped stop the, and drained liquid from my ear too. Thanks I will keep doing this as needed.

Dr Eric

Sorry but ear infections are not genetic!


I'm trying this now. So far so good......

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