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me and my children get ear infections alot, its genetic. and the best thing that i used for pain and is also safe for my kids is i pour some salt into a pan and warm it up till its a light brown color, than pour it onto a cloth(salt is very hot BE CAREFUL), than i wrap up the cloth and hold it on the ear. the salt stays hot for a long time, and it helps a great deal with the pain and also helps drain the infection out. i hope this helps for you like it did for me:)

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dove b

so do you add water with the salt or just salt??


Just salt I tried this it really works thanks :)


My daughter is 4yrs old and was suffering from ear pain, kicking and screaming with pain. I sent my husband to the store to get her anything to end her suffering, well he came back empty handed. The next step was the web, and thanks to this home remedy tip she is her usuall self!! Back to asking for candy!! Thanks alot!!


My friend and I were thinking 'there is no way this can work!' but holy snaps crackles and pops! it works!!! It's helping with the pain as well thank you!


How long should it take to to a light brown


ASAP. PLZ put the cloth close to the ear behind it? or on the ear.


I just did this for my friend. I browned it for about 15-20 minutes while stirring it around the pan every few minutes. She has it on her ear right now and says it does feel really good. I used about a medium sized mound of salt that would fit in my palm. It is hot so if you wrap it in a dish towel, make sure to fold it a few times. I poured it into the center of the cloth then used a rubber band to tightly wrap it up. I am so glad I found this remedy.


my sister dosent stop bitchen if this works fuck yes


iam in the kitchen heating the salt how much salt do we put in


How long to do I keepthe cloth in my ear for?

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