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Thank you for all the tips on here, after suffering with incredible pain i tried the following and it has relieved the pain to a tolerable level!

Clean teeth with a sensitive tootpaste, rinse/gargle with mouthwash and salted water used a combination of nurofen plus and paracetemol, followed by clove oil and a damp peppermint teabag.

I would never in a million years have tried the teabag thing but by god it really worked and got me through the night. I've got an emergency dental appointment so hopefully will get some antibiotics and get the damn thing pulled out next week.

I know i'm lucky in the UK, i really feel for you guys in the states.

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It's so true,, I wish I was in the UK right about now... Over here in the states we really suffer if we don't have insurance... Even with some sort of Medicaid or governmental help, these days that will get you thru the door but if you're over 20 years old and have more than 8 teeth they won't pay for much in the dental dept. Except maybe a cleaning. But let's face it,, when your in pain the last thing on my mind is a cleaning.. 'Take that sucker out before I shove a pencil in my eye to make my tooth feel better'... I will say as long as you can get some antibiotics to clear the infection the pain should ease soon...

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