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Hi, I cut my hair short about a year ago do too really thin scraggly ends and im trying to grow it back out and what i find helps is staying away from heat and letting your hair's natural oils help it. if you wash your hair to often it will get really dry. if you put olive oil in it or anything keep it on the ends and away from the roots because it will only make it greasy and clog the roots so your hair wont grow. i also suggest using a deep conditioner atleast once a week. Eggs also help it grow, but only the whites of the eggs not the yolk. also get rid of all split ends and get a trim 4-8 weeks. keep your body healty because growing your hair comes from inside your body. take prenatal vitamins or just regular viatamins three times a day. and patience is key. give your hair time to grow! hope this helps thanks!!(:

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Egg whites are an awesome home remedy and I take a vitamin each day, but wouldnt 3 vitamins a day be dangerous? Or wouldn't it be too much for your body and the unneeded vitamins become waste?


vitamins three times a day is pretty much the same as throwing vitamin pills in the toilet... you don't even need to take them once a day, a good multi vit 3x a week would be sufficient to make up for anything that youre missing from your diet. But even better is to eat well enough that you don't have to take vitamins at all - it is possible!


Taking 3 vitamins a day IS dangerous, especially if the vitamins contain iron.


Please do NOT take any vitamins three times a day!!! So dangerous!!


How are any of these comments helpful people get so off tack on what the actually purpose was. And stating taking vitamins shouldn't be a negative thing either. what are the point of there comments to talk Each other down

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