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John Elko

A Mayo Clinic web page article stated that skin cancer could not survive tempratures of 111 degress. It also said heat treatment was sometimes used in conjunction with other therapes. I believe I have cured melanoma at home with nothing more than hot water from the shower.

A pamplet from my Doctor's office said melanoma was an irregualr shaped spot, about the size of a dime, raised and a mottled red, and/or black color. I have had three of these. Each was treated in the same way, and quickley regressed. I did not go to a physician because they did regress and dissapear, so, since convintional wizdom says this can not work, until someone can document the malady and treatment, we will never know will we?

My treatemt. Make sure the hot water heater is set for a temprature to supply water at least 115 degrees F. I set mine at 125 at the tank. Run the shower water a bit so you know the burner kicks on. I use a shower massage hose and nozzel to direct water to a treatment area. After the water is hot, I turn down the hot water to just above a trickle. Then I carefully turn up the cold water to get a bearable temperature. As you might have knoticed, after a while, hot water seems to get cold as you get use to it. I therefore turn DOWN the COLD water a very slight amount. This technique insures I do not run out of hot enough water. Measured tempratures of about 115 degrees are bearable without blistering.

Run the hot water over the area for about 5 to 10 minutes. You want to get the surounding skin to look very red, without blistering it. The longer you treat the area and the hotter it gets, the deeper the treatment will go.

Results are the swelling is quickly reduced, and the coloring subsides. Two or more treatments about a week apart and the swelling will go back to flat. I have found only the original shaped area will change color to look like an age spot. In a year, this too will dissapear, and no trace will remain.

I know that this sounds too good to be true. So it should be tested in a clinical situation. Of course, any doctor will say this is impossible, and my conclusions are incorrect. The AMA would not test it, because home cures will not make them any money.

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this happened 10 years ago and havent seen it since

Why go through all of that hot water raising your water bill instead just use a lighter and burn it until a blister appears under the raised dry side let the blister dry out and peel the skin off like a scab in about 2 weeks it will just be a little scar and in about two months you wont be able to tell it was there just use a little bit of cocoa butter daily to reduce bad scaring


burning it sounds painful and crazy..... and if its spreading some how i doubt it will work to burn it...........Also I was wondering if you have any other remedies for skin cancer or know of websites???


pure rubbish wake up to these quacks, science is the only way


The OP may be onto something. Did a little Googling and came across an article on a GOVERNMENT website: Hyperthermia (also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy) is a type of cancer treatment in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F). Research has shown that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, usually with minimal injury to normal tissues.


Heat helps with a lot of things - key is - hot enough to work - but not so hot as to do too much damage.

John Elko

There was an article in Smithsonian Magazine, Feburary 2014, Title: How Doctors are Harnessing the Power of Gold to Fight Cancer. It said nano-particles of gold injected in the blood are filtered out by the rapid growing tumor's porous vessels. When excited by blasts of near-infrared light, the particles convert light to heat. Quote the article, "As temperatures in the tumor climb above 104 Degrees F, the cancer cells deform, shrivel and then disintegrate" So, between 104 and 111 degrees, cancer cells die! Hot water is cheaper than gold and medical specialists. But of course the Medical Industry does not want any CHEAP cure!

John Elko

Here is a link to heat treatment of cancer on the National Institute website. Possibly the one referred to by Concerned Citizen.


This sounds very interesting but I'm not so sure all the cancer cells would be killed. The lesion could heal and the melanoma could go internal and appear as a liver, lung, brain, etc tumor years later.

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