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Thanks so much to all of you for your wisdom and experience shared!! Another great site I found that has endless ideas for migraines is I'm 66 and have had migraines since early menopause onset at 40 when my PCP put me on Premarin and Provera. Going off of this medication didn't help - I've had them ever since. I got so tired of repeatedly assaulting my body with Excedrin/Tylenol/Ibuprofen/NSAIDS (such as aspirin or Goody products - which can damage the liver and God knows what else), caffeine, Imitrex/Zomig, etc. that I decided to go completely holistic in my treatment of them. The 'top ten' things that work for me are:
1. Breathing technique (breathe in to the count of 7, hold for the count of 7, and release to the count of 7; and do it 7 times) - being sure to use diaphragmatic breathing
2. 'Cupping' technique used by many Shiatsu and other practitioners - removes the toxins in the body
3. Gel ice packs (which are inexpensive and quickly freeze in about 15 minutes) on the neck and forehead
4. Baths with epsom salts
5. Avoiding caffeine altogether - to stop the rebound effect of it
6. Checking all food items for MSG content - a huge trigger - and masked in ingredient names such as 'autolyzed yeast, sodium caseinate, hydrogenated animal or vegetable protein, and worst of all, 'natural flavors!' (because MSG naturally appears in some foods)
7. CryoDerm (roller is best) or Biofreeze on the neck and shoulders
8. Tang Kuei Four Combination - tea that comes in a powder or capsule form, taken with water
9. Computer posture correction - sit back (preferably on a back support - I use the Back Joy from; take breaks and stretch; adjust the height and tilt of your monitor, as well as its brightness and contrast.
10. Last but not least, adjustments with a chiropractor - especially if you can find one who practices the Pettibon System ( - I found Lisa Smith in Grand Rapids and I LOVE her! She was a long-term migraine sufferer herself, and really knows what works!

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Grand Rapids, in what state? Looking for any answer for relief for my 20 year old daughter. Chronic migraine due to Ehlers/Danlos Syndrome and POTS.


Is that Grand Rapids, MN??


Can someone please delete the auto insurance offers? It is distracting. We would like to benefit from the advice it is being offered here. Thank you

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