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I found a website that suggests quitting using soap in a bath or shower. I've been soaking in vinegar and warm water and just washing my body with this, instead of soap and the odors are wayyyy better than before. I would get very frustrated because I'd scrub so much with soap but as soon as I got out, my areas still smelled. Since switching to vinegar, I've noticed a huge difference, even on the first day. Also, sounds unnerving, but I quit deodorant as well. Now I could apply it and still smelled horrible.. So now I use a mixture of lime juice and water, and dab it on my armpits. Huge difference! You can also use lemon juice/water mixture.. Just be aware that you may or may not burn after you shave. I personally haven't felt this so called burning, but I hear it can happen. Wish I would've tried this years ago! Good luck :)

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How much vinegar to water?

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