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I didn't have any apple cider vinegar to dilute, so I swished & gargled with full strength white. Nasty- yes, but one of the worst cases my Dr. had seen in yrs is almost clear in less than 24 hrs from only 2 applications. Beats the week or 2 of prescriptions, baking soda & etc.

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my husband and i both caught it from an albuteral breathing you have to use one always clean it w VINEGAR .anyway couldnt get rid of it for anything!hubby got on the home pc and found this cure, and by the way yogurt and salt and every other thing sucked didnt work...used straight WHITE vinegar,by the mouthfuls 4 times in a row then took a tooth brush between torture sessions and proceeded to scrub the dead nasty white carpet flesh off our mouths...did it work ...YES i rate the pain in the category of natural child birth...yet all natural and very affective to all you you are in my eyes getting an pony up well good luck and yes it felt like satan and beeazlebubs piss mixed with molten lava but hey GO NATURAL!LOL

Tiffany F

I'm doin it! I believe each of you. I am hypothyroid, which, if any of you have these at length of reoccurring... Check into this... And research for yourself first! Thyroid Sexy on fb will tell you every other source you could dream of!
Silly name, but serious business, really!
Anyways, I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! And the only thing stopping me from full on clear vinegar was... Duh-duh-duuuuuh... FEAR!!!
I'm goin' in!!!! I'll let ya know!

Hope Floats

I am working on my case of Thrush using your advice and my tongue is already greatly improved! Hopefully it will work as well for the roof of my mouth. It hurts like heqq, but, after all, I am a SURVIVER of natural childbirth-LOL!
Thanks for sharing, Guys!


Ok, it's Tiffany again. I said I would let you know how it went... Well, I was sooo excited at first, I was able to scrape off what I thought was thrush, from my cheeks, tongue etc... Within 30 min or so I began to realize, possibly, NOT SO MUCH thrush I scraped off as an important layer of skin in my mouth. My mouth felt the same as it had. So I rinsed again. Here is where the real problem kicked in. That too, took off a layer. So now my mouth was RAW.
It hurt soooo bad, anddddd I still had thrush. :/
Was recommended that I do a salt rinse, amazingly helpful! This has pretty much healed mouth andddd cured thrush.
What an ordeal!!! Don't forget ur probiotic!!!


Hey, agree about the apple vinegar solution, works great but there is a big didadvantage when u gargle with it: it will destroy your teeth and you will need a visit at the dentist soon cuz your teeth will feet so tender you wont be even able to brush them. I think it just destroyw the out layer of the teeth so keep that in mind


Omg thank you so much for posting this. I haven't slept in two days (it's currently 4am). After having a semi nervous breakdown from the pain and lack of sleep I went and got some white vinegar and I feel like a new person. THANK YOU!!!


I've felt like there was a hairball in my throat for the last two weeks and my mouth felt so dry. After reading a bunch of forums, I came across this site and decided to try the full strength white vinegar rinse. I did it once and it slightly tingled. I looked at my tongue after an hour and noticed it finally looking pink again! Yaaaay! I decided to do it once again before I went to bed. This time... it burned like hell and I could only do it for 25 seconds before I spit it out. My eyes were watering like crazy!!!! I looked at my tongue this morning and it's almost back to normal!!! So happy! My mouth isn't dry anymore, but now I'm salivating like crazy and my tongue is extremely raw & sensitive feeling... like I ate a bunch of sour candies. Does anyone know how long this lasts? Thanks!

Rick Saldana

Talk about instant results! Just swished a 1/4 cup of vinegar for as long as I could hold it (three minutes) and the Thrush just started sliding off my tongue in sections. Over the past few years, both my parents had come down with Thrush, so seeing the off/white patches all over my tongue I was pretty certain I had somehow contracted it.

The doctor's prescribed Nystatin to eliminate the Thrush in my parents' mouths, but it took several weeks to work. White Vinegar works so much quicker, I can't believe doctors don't know about this remedy.

After the vinegar bath I gave my mouth, the tongue has turned even whiter. I can literally feel the crap coming off. Hopefully, by tomorrow I'll see even better results. Thank you so much for posting this information!

By the way, unlike most of the other comments posted here, I did not mind the taste (or slight burn) of the white vinegar. It reminds me of pickle juice, which I happen to love.


The thrush has caused me to have cracks in my tongue that hurt like hell figured vinegar could not hurt any worse then then it already does. tried cider vinegar straight. Hurt no worse then it did before (mouth wash burned more) now my tongue is kinda numb only the deep cracks still hurt but less then they did. My only thing i don't like is my teeth, they feel weird. i had to brush them after using the vinegar because how they felt bothered me so much! hope the vinegar dose not damage them since this is the most relief i have had and i plan on repeating it.


I just tried this and Omg yuck!! Anyways i still have the white blister type on the inside of my mouth when will that go away?

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