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I didn't have any apple cider vinegar to dilute, so I swished & gargled with full strength white. Nasty- yes, but one of the worst cases my Dr. had seen in yrs is almost clear in less than 24 hrs from only 2 applications. Beats the week or 2 of prescriptions, baking soda & etc.

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Hi there! Just like you guys the medication wasn't working. So after I saw this page, I took 1 TBL of apple cider vinegar, 1 TBL of water and a packet of artificial sweetner. The taste wasn't all that bad and after a couple of rinses I could tell a HUGE difference. When all but the worst places had healed, I took a cotton swab, saturated it with the solution and placed it directly on the areas. I felt SO much better. Thanks everyone for the tip!


I hade thrush in my mouth & on right cheek and throat off and on for about 6 months had 3 different meds doc says it's because don't brush teeth and dentures but i do 2-3 times a day Just tried the apple cider it burns bad & my mouth feels better so thanks for the info on this.


How domunuse the apple cider vineger for thrush


Have had thrush on and off for 3 years. Been on numerous meds for it but my mouth was constantly sore. Just tried the apple cider and for the first time My mouth doesn't hurt. Even if I have to use this daily it will be so worth it to be out of pain. Thank all of you so much....what a blessing!


Thank you so much! I'm a girl that loves to eat & I haven't ate or drank for almost two days. I cam finally swallow without crying like a baby. I'd almost worship the ground you walk upon!


I tried a tsp of apple cider vinegar in two tbs tap water. I used about half swishing it in my mouth real good. Then I gargled with some more. Within a minute I was feeling pain relief. I will keep using this during the day. I will also stop using mouth wash as it it suppose to alter the natural balance in the mouth. I have been on a heavy antibiotic for 10 days which is mostly what caused this problem in the first place. Didn't want more antibiotics for a cure. I hope this works for anyone else.

Alea C

I just tried it the white vinegar works. My mouth feels better already. Thanks. Please try it y'all it really works. 😁


Haven't tried it yet but I am nursing and my baby and I have it. I laughed so hard reading Dave and Shirl's post. Hysterical! Don't think I'll put straight vinegar on the nipples though!


I tried the apple cider vinegar full strength twice and it hasnt worked.


I have been so sick with this mouth pain, ulcers and not being able to swallow for over 3 weeks...I too hate doctors and always try to go 'natural' I am about to start the full strength vinegar swish...I believe after reading all your comments...thank you in advance. I will repost my success:)

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