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I didn't have any apple cider vinegar to dilute, so I swished & gargled with full strength white. Nasty- yes, but one of the worst cases my Dr. had seen in yrs is almost clear in less than 24 hrs from only 2 applications. Beats the week or 2 of prescriptions, baking soda & etc.

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I'm having steak 2nite!!

THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!! I'm on Amoxicillin for an infection after a root canal.. ugh.. but anyway.. I caught it before it got in its beginning stage.. swished with vinegar (not diluted) and i was able to literally wipe it off my tongue.. food is amazing again!!!!!! thanks for sharing this remedy!!


There's no white here, but I found some Apple Cider, swished it around for 10 seconds, spit it out and wiped my tongue. There's definitely a noticable difference! I've had this for over a month without realizing exactly what it was. It was getting to the point where I really thought I was going to have to see a doctor (something I avoid like the plague), but now I think I might have dodged it yet again! Thanks for this suggestion!


i ran out of white so i used apple cider swissed it around for 3 min hurt like hell and i did it twice in a row second time still burt like shit but mouth feel a bit better


Tablespoon of Apple Cider finger, swished round the mouth. Literally wiping the thrush away.. Thank you so much for your insightful comments.


I have the worst case of thrush I have ever had. My tongue is actually cracked open. NOTHING was working. I tried the white vinegar full strength and it burned like hell, but in a few seconds after spitting it out I got INSTANT RELIEF!!!! I hope it continues to work!!!


Thank you so much for the posting!! It worked right away.It has taken a day with four applications and now just about gone. I tried both the cider and white vinegar. The cider might be better(tasting) but both work!I also tried the yogurt but with not great results.


What exactly does the white vinegar do? Does it kill the yeast?


I get thrush after taking certain antibiotics, Dr gave me prescription St Jude usually it works, not this time. Come across this site, taste wasn't as bad as I thought, I hope it works, my tongue not as bad as it was, keeping my fingers crossed!

shirl turner

suffering diverticulitis atm on 2 antibiotics then my mouth and throat felt strange. I guessed it was thrush.I found your post and called hubby to help find the cyder vinegar rinsed my mouth with it undiluted, wow forgot my other complaint for the moment :)then I diluted it and gargled.just to be on safe side ate some plain yogurt, mouth feels lots better, thank you for your post


Worked for me too. Thank you!!!!

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