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I didn't have any apple cider vinegar to dilute, so I swished & gargled with full strength white. Nasty- yes, but one of the worst cases my Dr. had seen in yrs is almost clear in less than 24 hrs from only 2 applications. Beats the week or 2 of prescriptions, baking soda & etc.

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What's full strength white


It is regular clear vinagar you can find at yoour local store.


Did u dilute the white vin? If so how much?


I am on the desolving tablets right now, but my mouth was getting worse. I saw this and decided why not. It was the nastiest thing I ever put in my mouth. But I have to say it feels quite a bit better already.


i have a mild case of thrush i was wondering how you used the vinegar, like did you mix it?


Wow the full strenght really works


This even opened my sinuses,I haven't been able to breath this good in a long time. I kept thinking it was sinus infections,boy was I wrong! Thank you so much for this tip.


Whoa! The devils piss !! Like buckleys taste is terrible but results are terrific !!


I just did this. Holy cow my mouth is on fire!! I rinsed with a little water and its still burning!! I hope it works for me!!


I just used the full strength white vinegar. Got instant relief. Going to use it again in a few hours. I do recommend this.

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