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I was diagnosed with GH about 4 months ago, and I must say argurably one of the most hurtful days of my life. I am 22yrs old and thought that something like this would never happen to me. But let's be honest, it can happen to anyone, and more people than we know have. I am currently experiencing my 1st outbreak since my intial. I tried so many things and with no result. I found this site and was very happy to find out that there are other people experincing the same thing and that I'm not a horrible person and that i am just like everyone else. I read a review about using propolis cream. So i went out and bought some and it was no help it actually hurt more than helped. so i went out and bought liquid propolis..... and i applied the liquid propolis to the lesions (because you can apply externally)... this was god's gift to GH sufferors!!! it burns like crazy the first 15 sec or so but once the burning stopped i got immediate relief! and the sores started healing immediately and it took the pain!... I apply the propolis about 4 times a day and the sores are already sheading and starting to heal. Honestly to have this virus you must have a lot of faith with god. He makes no mistakes. so if you have this virus it is for a reason and a purpose. DO NOT LET THIS hender you from anything we are just like everyone else that god created!... I was so depressed when i first found out but then i thought about all the other people who have HIV/AIDS and die from their disease...and god spared me because it could have definitely been worse... we can still live we can live with a purpose because God still chose us to live. Yes we have a virus that will never leave our bodies but we can live. A lot of people ask how i am still in such good spirits, but it's because i'm grateful for life. So many people have something so much worse! We are the same. And so many more people have it that we don't know so don't be sad!.. pick yourself up and thank God! I know that i do. Peace and love!

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Ok... I am a religious man as well. God did not 'let this happen for a reaon'. God gave us Free Will and what we choose to do with that is 100% on us my friend. When people die, get hurt or do bad things, it is NOT because God wills it. He sits in heaven sad and hurt that we do not follow His word and do things like have sex with someone we are not married to and get herpes. God DOES however use our tragedies to teach us, or to help us get inline with His desires.

But saying God 'let us' get hurt or catch a disease implies that God could do such evil things, and He is pure love and goodness.


Hey where can you fins the Propolis?


you can find the Propolis at any natural foods store. they have liquid or cream...i tried cream but it didn't do much for me so i tried liquid and it was a you can try both and see what works for's not the best smelling stuff but hey anything beats that

I never said that god 'LET' us catch anything what i said was that god didn't 'let' me get HIV/aids, which is something to a far more serious degree. and also yes God does have a reason for everything that happens in our lives! whether it be good or bad..... so is it only when so called 'good' things happen we say thank you???... no i say thank you for everything good or bad bc without the bad i wouldn't be able to see the good....everything that happens to me is GOD'S will all of the choices that i make are not his will but what happens is. And i also know that his love is pure because he definetly loved me when i was ONLY diagnosed with herpes there are so many other things in life that are dang near uncontrolable and people are dying from that came from an STD but Gow shed mercy on me when he didn't give me one of those things.... so thank you for your comment but i know that God has purpose and plans for us all. And I never said that God does evil.....NEVER did i once. I know that MY God is an awesome god....thanks have a great day and GOD BLESS :)


Grow up.


Thank you for your post. It may have just made my day. Your positive spirits are just what I needed.

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