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I must say I had a tootache that had been bothering me for weeks and the IBuprofen 800 had ran it's course along with the antibiotics. I too couldn't sleep so I tried the garlic. I chopped a fresh clove of garlic into small pieces and placed it in a pill bottle along with a pinch of salt and shook it up. Then I placed some in my mouth and it became like liquid. I then swished it around in my mouth where the tooth was aching for several seconds and Voila pain is gone. I used it twice and it's been a week and no pain. I get my tooth pulled today and I will have my garlic and salt with me. From now on this will be my remedy and I don't have to subject my body to all of those chemicals. For whomever suggested the garlic. Thank You!!!

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Thank heaven' toothache has been going on for days now, can't seem to get a ease until I read this helpful remedy garlic and salt..god bless you it worked immediately...thanks a million....


I didn't have fresh garlic, but I had chopped garlic. I mixed it with salt and it worked. The pain was gone almost immediately. Thank you!


thank you so much!!!


OMG the pain was so bad i was doubled up crying in pain and i am a big chap, i found this and the good feedback so thought I'd give it a go and WOW the instant relief was unbelievable. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this remedy i can now get some sleep at last

Serenity 15

Thank you helped a little but the more you do it the more it works!!!

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