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Apple Cider Vinegar is the ONLY thing that has consistently worked for me. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration as to why you might have vaginal odor, but if it is due to the most common cause (Bacterial Vaginosis), then all you have to do is either douche with a diluted solution of water + apple cider vinegar OR soak a tampon in apple cider vinegar and insert into the vagina for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

(Note: I know a lot of people are against douching these days because they say it destroys the good bacteria in the vagina and throws off the pH balance, and that is true of commercial douches which contain a lot of chemicals and fragrances. But a pure douche of water and apple cider vinegar is perfectly safe. Apple cider vinegar has a very similar pH that a healthy vagina and intestinal tract has, so instead of destroying that good bacteria, it just destroys the bad and replenishes the good.)

Also - the purest and most organic form of apple cider vinegar you can get is best, but if all you can find is the typical grocery store brand, that is fine too. Just make sure you don't use WHITE vinegar - only Apple Cider.

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What do you do after you take the tampon out? I've been trying to find an answer for this everywhere. Please let me know


Tampon swells problem. I just squeezed it and gently and comfortably pushed it in. Worked perfectly.


After tampon removal, just take a simple warm water shower and wash as usual. Do not stick anything else in your vagina. You'll kill what good bacteria you have left. You should be just fine. Not a doctor but speaking from experience. I do the yougart the same way. Your body will naturally do the rest of the cleaning. Hope this helps. The same advice helped me get through it.


Stoping the tampon from sweeping leave it in the applicators when u dip it then insert


I ment when sokeing the tampon leave it in the applicator then insert so it doesn't swell


Apple cider vinegar is the only thing that helped me. I've been struggling with BV for a while. I stopped eating meat and it eased up. Yogurt does nothing for me long term. I drink apple cider vinegar twice a day. I only drink water. I don't eat sugars anymore, I found that sugars are horrible for yeast and bacteria. I also noticed that my boyfriend probably needs to get treated for BV as well. I use apple cider carnage straight without diluting it. It burns but it gives me a faster out come. Really I only did it twice in one week and ureka! I did have some brown discharge like 5 days later but I just guessed it may be the fact that my cycle was on before I used the vinegar.


I use for the first time and its working. Only burn for a couple secs maybe a minute but the smell is gone. Hopefully its get better tomorrow.


Does having BV also hurt when you pee?


I make apple cidar vinegar tea I drink it 3 times a day. It helps if you drink it also. I soak in a warm bath with it also....I feel very clean. I don't have any odor. I recommend this.I been doing this for a month now my body loves it.Haa


If Someone have herpes and they have a smell.

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