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Apple Cider Vinegar is the ONLY thing that has consistently worked for me. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration as to why you might have vaginal odor, but if it is due to the most common cause (Bacterial Vaginosis), then all you have to do is either douche with a diluted solution of water + apple cider vinegar OR soak a tampon in apple cider vinegar and insert into the vagina for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

(Note: I know a lot of people are against douching these days because they say it destroys the good bacteria in the vagina and throws off the pH balance, and that is true of commercial douches which contain a lot of chemicals and fragrances. But a pure douche of water and apple cider vinegar is perfectly safe. Apple cider vinegar has a very similar pH that a healthy vagina and intestinal tract has, so instead of destroying that good bacteria, it just destroys the bad and replenishes the good.)

Also - the purest and most organic form of apple cider vinegar you can get is best, but if all you can find is the typical grocery store brand, that is fine too. Just make sure you don't use WHITE vinegar - only Apple Cider.

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Nena Angel

Does it matter if it's Kroger apple cider vinegar? LET ME KNOW ASAP! thnx


Best method yet! I use Apple cider vinegar douce or I use rephresh pro b tablets by opening the tablet and pouring the contents into a douche bottle with water once daily which is very effective. I've been all good down there for almost a month now


leave iT in the applicator to soak up the liquid then insert


It really works ..I'm amazed I got my kitty backkkkk

Feeling Good

I have been doing the hydrogen peroxide douche as a natural remedy to my recurring BV. I have lately been using ACV with the tampon a couple of hours watching TV when I get that something is not right feeling.

Recently I added organic coconut oil at night (be sure to wear a pantyliner) and it seems to be working well. 2 months later no foul smell, no discharge. Organic, unrefined coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial & anti-microbial. Since its winter I let the jar sit in a cool spot until it solidifies. I bought Monistat 7 (Walmart brand) and throw the ointment out cause all I need are the applicator tubes. I expand them as they would be if the were filled, and push the applicator end into the solidified coconut oil until it fills the tube. Insert (don't forget the pantyliner as your body heat will melt the oil and coat your vajayjay..a probably make a mess) and you're good to go.

P.S. Stop using soap on your kitty...use acv and water and wash her good. It's sooooo much better than allowing soap to mess up all the hard work you've done restoring your ph. Most of us never realize that yes we just restored proper ph, but soap and bubble baths will throw it back out of wacky if your prone to BV.

I hope this helps others who have been suffering with this. It has been 13 years (since my son was born) that I have been waging war against BV and the embarrassment it causes and I finally am winning. Hormones have thrown my ph all out of wacky but through trial and error I'm feeling better than I have in years.


I have been doiching with acv for past 2 mornings and I feel so fresh. Thanks for all the input! Wish I would've known about this a year ago to save me lots of anxiety... :/ Better late than never, I suppose.


Hi I have suffered with BV for the last 16 years. It has destroyed my name reputation, my self esteem, social life, sex life. I am physically and mentally drained from this horrid problem. I have taken every med & home remedy listed for bv have prayed every day for a cure but no avail. I am at the end with this. I am going to try the ACV douche, but I doubt if it will help I am seriously considering suicide because im past tired of living with this. I am tortured and tormented every day at work because of the loud fishy bv odor. Please pray for me because I can't see living the rest of my life being known as a stinking stanking woman when I shower 3x a day because it has made me paranoid


Read Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Now by Elizabeth Hungerford (on amazon). Hers was the only at home treatment that worked for me. Also, it all stems from what you eat and your gut health. I had chronic infections for years until I changed to a gluten free plant based diet (no meat and no dairy). I have FINALLY found relief.

A survivor of bv

ATTENTION!!!!! ACV tampon works!!! Soak the tampon (size varies depending on you) in the applicator for 5 minutes in ACV (the purest the better) then leave it in for 10-15minutes. Lying on your back during this process is best. (Time can vary, it depends on when the burning has completely stopped). Then just remove, dry yourself if necessary. And POOF!! the horrible fishy odor is gone! No discharge either! I had been struggling with this problem for months and was irritated on account of the antibiotics and everything else I had tried not working. Super duper glad I stumbled upon this remedy!! But because every case is unique, you should still see a doctor if symptoms worsen or do not go away. -C


Okay I am giving acv a try. I'm having itchiness and inflammation (no smell and very little discharge) thanks to keflex and clyndamyacin lol. Having tooth work done and my dear male dentist keeps putting me on antibiotics. The itchiness is freaking horrid.

I diluted it with water and applied with cotton balls. I'm going to wait to do the "douche" until I do a little more research. But hopefully this helps with the itchiness. The burning I can stand because it's in an area where it's sort of out of reach of my urine to burn it like Hades lol. If it helps the itchiness I'll come back and give you all a high five because this feeling is horrible ahhh.

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