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Apple Cider Vinegar is the ONLY thing that has consistently worked for me. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration as to why you might have vaginal odor, but if it is due to the most common cause (Bacterial Vaginosis), then all you have to do is either douche with a diluted solution of water + apple cider vinegar OR soak a tampon in apple cider vinegar and insert into the vagina for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

(Note: I know a lot of people are against douching these days because they say it destroys the good bacteria in the vagina and throws off the pH balance, and that is true of commercial douches which contain a lot of chemicals and fragrances. But a pure douche of water and apple cider vinegar is perfectly safe. Apple cider vinegar has a very similar pH that a healthy vagina and intestinal tract has, so instead of destroying that good bacteria, it just destroys the bad and replenishes the good.)

Also - the purest and most organic form of apple cider vinegar you can get is best, but if all you can find is the typical grocery store brand, that is fine too. Just make sure you don't use WHITE vinegar - only Apple Cider.

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Yeah,,, I just tried it out but am feeling light burning sensation.. Is this normal?


Take a regular tampon and a super tampon. Throw away the super tampon and regular applicator. Insert the regular into the super applicator, then use a syringe to apply the apple cider vinegar / water solution. Then, insert! Voila!


What exactly do u do for the burning?


The burning should only last 10mins max. Remember how raw your vagina is, it's gonna sting for a few mins...then you know it's working:)
As for those who.are thinking about buying a douche kit, I was hospitalized for 6 days with a reaction to the 'powder fresh' scent! I have 2 gynos and 1 specialist that says no way to douche kits as they do more damage than good and can do permanent damage!!!


I tried this and it didn't work for me.
I tried a different post that suggested a product called fem-dophilus. I took one tablet in the morning and I inserted one inside with my finger and went to bed. There was still a little discharge but the smell was gone. I'm on my second day taking one pill in the morning and I'm going to sleep with another one tonight and I will let you know the out come but so far as I'm concerned this was the best of ALL the remedies I've read and tried. If this last one didn't work a woman at Whole Foods told me to take a garlic clove and put a few slices in it.. place it inside as well and sleep with it over night. The next day all should be well. I haven't tried that yet as the fem-dophillis is working. Good Luck ladies! At least you know there is hope! :)

BV Sufferer looking 4 Relief

I struggle with BV terribly. It comes and goes which gets really annoying,especially when I find myself wanting to be intimate. Anyway I am using the soaking the tampon in the apple cider vinegar and was wondering how often should this be done. I could really use some help!

Mrs. Taylor

Just tried the tampon ......worked immendently !!!! Thank you !!!!!!

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works like a charm plain and simple!!!


I'm sure most of these remedies are for a different vaginal odor, like sweat... I suffer from bv and it comes and goes... but none of these helped me. Only helped for an hour the most. Please anyone who sufferes from this condition and has a remedy for permanat releif (other than antibiotics) let me know. Thank you


Why cant you use White Vinegar? I read online that its okay to use too. But it only has a Ph level od 5.5 as to apple cider vinegar which is 7.5-7.7..

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