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Apple Cider Vinegar is the ONLY thing that has consistently worked for me. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration as to why you might have vaginal odor, but if it is due to the most common cause (Bacterial Vaginosis), then all you have to do is either douche with a diluted solution of water + apple cider vinegar OR soak a tampon in apple cider vinegar and insert into the vagina for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

(Note: I know a lot of people are against douching these days because they say it destroys the good bacteria in the vagina and throws off the pH balance, and that is true of commercial douches which contain a lot of chemicals and fragrances. But a pure douche of water and apple cider vinegar is perfectly safe. Apple cider vinegar has a very similar pH that a healthy vagina and intestinal tract has, so instead of destroying that good bacteria, it just destroys the bad and replenishes the good.)

Also - the purest and most organic form of apple cider vinegar you can get is best, but if all you can find is the typical grocery store brand, that is fine too. Just make sure you don't use WHITE vinegar - only Apple Cider.

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I was having a lot of trouble with Elders so I read up on the apple cider vinegar douching and I just tried it now it did burn for about 5 to 6 minutes and then did stop And I'm going to reapply again tomorrow just to be on the safe side


Can I Use White Vinegar ?


I've been struggling with bv and yeast infections for 5 years now ever since I had my son in 2011 and got my mirena put in. Seems every time I have sex with or without a condom, that I would notice the fishy smell. Constantly having to go go the doctor just to keep geeting prescribed flagyll, bactrim, and whatever else pills they give us, and it kept coming back!!... Finally had enough and started looking into natural home remedies for bv and yeast infections. Been through the yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, YOU NAME IT Then voilĂ ! Came across the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR method..and I must say it works instantly. Not to sure how often I should use it yet. Not so much before sex because of the taste but definantly after sex and my symptoms seemed to subside in no time. I hear maybe 3-5 times a week to rid symptoms but We're all different so I'd recommend just learning your body and what's best for YOU


Can regular Apple cider vinegar be used to lose weight instead of organic Apple cider vinegar

Ms. Tish

Ok do I'm trying the acv tampon soak ill be back with update on how it goes.

Need help

I was given antibiotics in hospital came home with not so good a smell been about 2-3weeks smell have not left seems worse will the account tampon work for me want to b sexually active tomorrow will smell b gone and will it come back during intercourse

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