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Yay!! I finally have a success story for everyone that has had one of these monsters. I posted once before describing everything I tried to get rid of these things, and I tried everything. Just a few days ago was the first day I haven't had duct tape on my foot for about 7-8 months. Everyone is different and you kinda have to find your own remedy that works for you, but sharing eachothers storys will help give ideas how. Like I said I tried it all from acv, frezzin goin to the doc, cuting it out, nail polish, gorilla glue, soakin my foot in salt water, compound w, I mean everthing. So I finally got tired of tryin and gave up after killing my foot I was done, thought I was just gona have to live with it. I decided I've gone to far to give up now so I went back to using compound w and id hit it hard and wouldn't stop using it until its gone for good I got three tubes of the gel not liquid but the gel and three boxes of the clear away discs started by putting a nice thick coat of gel on it let it dry then put the disc on top then wrapped it with duct tape id leave for a day or two then redo it. The skin dies and turns white just keep throwin it on until u take off the duct tape and the skin peels off by itself once that happens id wait a day or two before reappling cause that was way painful skin is all soft and sensitive but after a day or two keep doin it. It may take many many layers of skin before its finally gone it took me about 2 months and countless times of tearin the dead skin off untill I saw nothin but new pink skin under the dead skin I tore off. Couldn't belive it after everything it was finally over life changing it really is, just stick with it things are strong and the longer you have them the harder it is. Thanks for everyones info I sure hope my story helps someone never thought id get rid of them.

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Brandon, what's compound W ?

brandon for michel

Compund W is a wart remover it has the salicylic acid, you can find it at, walmart or any other grocery store. I wouldn't get the liquid tho if you try this method get the maximum strength fast acting gel. I also used clear away medicated discs 40% on both for salicylic acid put a thick layer of the gel let it dry then put the disc on cover with duct tape and just go about how I described hope you get rid of your monster like I did just be consistant with it good luck

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