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Whenever you have especially bad gas or gas that just won't seem to pass try this tip I got from a Naturopath.

Move your body into a position which puts your butt above your head. The gas is already in that area and gas prefers to rise - one of the reasons its so hard to get rid of trapped gas.

Try laying on your bed, then sliding down so that your head chest and part of your belly hang down off the bed. This will make it easier for the gas to pass by having gravity and compression work in your favour instead of against.

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Husband thought he was having liver issues...I knew it was gas. Tried this method and we could both hear his stomach rumbling almost immediately and he began to feel better


Sounds like I now have a new problem,now my head is jammed up my ass'


Just thinking about this makes me want to fart! Thanks!!!


WORKS GREAT! I've tried everything before, this was by far the best solution! Instant relief.


I had abdominal surgery three weeks ago and the gas was getting better but it would not go away. I tried this method for less than two minutes (my abdomen couldn't take much longer) and IT WORKED!!! INSTANTLY!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!


This crap just made me nauseous


Wow instant... was hard to take a deep breath for hours, did the flip and the gurgling headed the other way thank you.... now back to sleep :)


Really, really worked! Instant relief. Thank you for sharing.

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