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Whenever you have especially bad gas or gas that just won't seem to pass try this tip I got from a Naturopath.

Move your body into a position which puts your butt above your head. The gas is already in that area and gas prefers to rise - one of the reasons its so hard to get rid of trapped gas.

Try laying on your bed, then sliding down so that your head chest and part of your belly hang down off the bed. This will make it easier for the gas to pass by having gravity and compression work in your favour instead of against.

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My 5 year old was in tears and 5 min. later he was eating a snack and then running around playing! Thank you.


Yep! feeling releieved.


This works great!!


Really works! I wish I would have searched this topic before I went to work and suffered all day!!! Thank you!!!!


I tried it on my inversion table, now I have another reason to hang upside-down. Thanks it worked......


Surprisingly works! Glad I found this!


I have had horrible stomach pains for two days OMG I cant believe how fast this works. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


This is the second time I've used this method.tonight the lower abdomen pain was so bad I thought of going to Er thinking it was appendix.I quickly googled natural ways to remove gas,found this tip again,not sure how I forgot since last time and in under a minute I passed a small pathetic amount of gas but am pain free.this works sooooo fast and is do easy to do!!!!


I don't usually post on these things but I know how painfully exhausted it can be so that's why I am. My cure was sticking by butt up in the air with my arms and chest on the bed on my knees... And a bottle of Smiroff. And yes, in that order.


Thanx a lot it worked instantly. I will be sharing this with others

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