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For more than 15 years I had a planter wart on my foot, it didn’t spread until I had a pedicure. Then they spread only on my right foot. I went to the doctor to freezer my foot with nitrogen, didn’t work, it reduced it and they would come back.

I also used a separate towel to wipe my foot, so the warts would not spread as it is a virus.

I also got the doctor to cut them out, they returned again.

This went on for 4 years.

Then I had seen the Apple Cider vinegar home remedies.

- Apple Cider vinegar

- Pad, to put the Apple Cider vinegar on.

- Duct tape, to hold the pad in place on your foot.

I would do this over night, they would turn black.

This is really good to get rid of the warts your have had for a short amount of time.

- Use ACV to clean your shower too, so it doesn’t spread throughout your family.

Or for the long term warts you need both remedies.

I use the Apple Cider vinegar remedies to locate the warts; I put the pad on for 3 hours. And had black spots on my foot

Then I went to my doctor 3 times for the nitrogen freezing, once on Sunday, then on Thursday and on Sunday again.

Then let them dry out for a few days.

After it dried out I was able to peel them off or I picked it out with a razor. (Best to get your doctor to do this.)

There was no blood just a dint in my foot and fresh skin underneath. The skin grew back after a few weeks.

I repeated the process again just in case they came back.

After the 3 months I did the ACV, 1 spot from the original wart.

Back to the doctor again for nitrogen freezing, All gone now.

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