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Hey guys, I'm fourteen years old and unfortunately I have stretch marks. They're on my inner thighs(terrible), hips(not too bad), back of my knees(pretty bad), and chest( whatever). I've tried A LOT. Some things that have helped with my stretch marks are: moisturizing after each time I go in water, showers, swimming etc. I actually apply sun in on them once or twice a day which has helped A LOT with getting rid of that ugly purple color which worked fast. But the one thing that worked wonders was mixing vitamin e with coffee grounds and rubbing vigorously for five to ten minutes on each problem area. Thanks for all your remedies by the way! Hope this helps!

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U just mix that is it a cream?


where do you get vitamin e? is it a type of cream?


do you use fresh or used coffee grounds?


Caffeine or decaf?
Which hazel can be purchased at Walmart, target & prob any drug store.


Mee too 0.0same and everything.

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