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Dont really know how to begin this but I guess it really started bad when I was 22. But have to kinda give a quick overview of my earlier life. As a teenager in highschool nothin really bothered me except I was kinda a hypochondriac. I experimented with all different types of drugs (marijuana always being my favorite that i smoked everyday from 14 to 18)I never had any bad reactions to any of them. Once I turned about 18 I noticed my heart would start racing from smokin pot as well as when I would drink alcohol. I slowly stopped smoking pot as that was getting worse. Now at this point by 18 (and nomore pot smoking) my heart would race every night before bed and I'd always have hard time falling asleep. I went to doctors and had EKGs done and everything was normal. So I just dealt with it. Finally by the age of 22 I started to take percocets after getting my wisdom teeth out. I ended up getting addicted but they relaxed me and helped with my heart racing but did ruin my life financially. After a year of takin them my heart would start racing again like it had during the end of my pot smokin days. I kinda just looked past it. Well one night I decided to try smokin pot again. After I smoked my heart started racing like crazy. I was with a couple friends so I was tryin to play it cool. But my mind started racing and I got it in my head I was having a heart attack. Then I just lost it. My friends house was right behind a hospital. I got out of the house and called 911 sayin I was walking over to the hospital and I was having a heart attack. I had myself so amped up I was going nuts. I went into hospital absolutely losing it. They took me in right away(which when I look back I feel like a douche because someone with a serious problem Probly had to wait longer cuz me). I finally calmed down when they took me in and I felt so stupid. They said it was a panic attack due to the pot. After I left that night my life went down hill. I started having panic attacks every day especially at night. I would wake up in middle of night and pace around the house. It was always around 2 or 3 in the morning. I finally had to wake my mother up one night and talk to her about it. Again feeling dumb being 22 and having to wake my mother up. Come to find out she had them too at my age. So I finally went to doctors. Got put on Paxil only. After 2 weeks it was worse. Having the worst panic attacks I've ever had. Once while driving to work in the morningI pulled over and called 911(again like a douche) then that night I wole up around 5am. I paced around my room for a good half hour fighting from losing it. Eventually I snapped and woke my brother up and made him drive me to hospital. On the way there I was sure as hell I was gonna die. I lost it the hole rode there. Was longest ride of my life. They took me in and had to pretty mush restrain me to a bed cuz I could not stop moving. They gave me 10 Ativans. I stopped the Paxil right after. I eventually went to a therapist. My primary prescribed me Xanax. I thought if never get better. I wouldn't drive anymore or go to places I enjoyed going before because as you all know you have that fear of havin one in public. I basically went to work and went home. I would not allow myself to sleep until i just couldnt stay awake anymore for the fear of waking up In the middle of a panic attack. Finally i was so fed up i was determined to get over it. My life really just sucked. A few things that eventually started to get me to see a light at the end of a tunnel was my old boss who had panic disorder. I would call her every time I was having one. just talking to her and her knowing how I was feeling helped me through it. I quit smoking ciggeretts and drinking (not that i was a big drinker but alcohol brought on attacks, and unfortunitly i did start smoking again after 8 months when i got better)Then I bought an anxiety book. I would read it all the time and it really helped me calm down. And the last thing was I went walking everyday for a couple miles which helped relax me and clear my head. I would still take the Xanax but only as needed in fear of getting to dependent on them. Slowly but surely I got better. I started driving far by myself. I moved into the city. Started working at a new place with all new people I didn't know and everything went really well. The anxiety was always still there but it was easy to manage. I'm now 25 just bout to be 26 and there starting to come back again. Started off real slow but now it's almost once a day again. And the stupid at night shitty attacks are coming back. I'm better prepared this time but it still sucks and I'm hoping I can get over it again. So if anyone actually read this hole thing cuz I know it's long I'd be happy to talk to anyone that has the problems I had and seem to be having once again after being ok for about 3 years. I'd be happy to share other stories and hear stories. It always seems to help to talk to other people that understand. Only good thing bout this was it got me off percocets. Only takin them few times when prescribed but even after I was better they would still bring on bad anxiety and minor panic attacks. So I know I'll be clean from those and any drug for the extreme fear of severe panick attacks like the first one I had from smokin pot. Hopefully I didn't bore you to much haha

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Wow, I dont feel alone, I started having attacks right after a surgery back in 09 I have a fear of being put to sleep but never any family background related issues....I did several drugs growing up and had my first attack on a night after doing a lot of cocaine after that night I never touched it problems mostly occur between the hours of 2-4 am they will wake me up from a deep sleep if I can be in a deep sleep my body temp will rise I get super hot my heart raises till I feel as if I'm going to die, I've went to the er several times and always I'm fine I don't understand it....I hate it it makes life miserable....I don't do drugs now nor have I the only thing I do is drink now and when I do I better be prepared to be able to handle an attack bc 9/10 times I'll have one the night of drinking or the next morning...ive talked to therapist don't help....I'm 27 now and have dealt with this for 3 years I am on 20 mg of celexa which helps and Xanax for
emergency ..I try not to take them, I just don't get why I go thru this....but will say this my attacks get worse for each new one I have...I had one last night actually woke up bout 2 am paced my apartment thinking of a exit plan bc I thought was dieing, I know I'm not but when a attack happens what I know and feel is completely different so I lay there praying I live thru it...I'd like to be able to socialize with you via email.....
My name is Tiffany


Here's a really good short video about using EFT (meridian energy technique) to clear your triggers for panic.

I used EFT to change from being a highly anxious and panicky person, on and off through my life, to someone who is often commented on as being really calm.


Hi..Yes I read the whole familer story. Two years ago, out of the blue I started having panic attacks. Same thing as you lyndsey, total panic and calling 911, And by the way your not a dufess. I too felt like I was having a heart attack and when i got to the hospital it was mayhem cause all i kept saying was I'm dying help me...Long story short Ativan is what they put me on and what a releif...It works so well. BUT NOW I have to take .5 mg everyday and still have some panic and no appitite. Very sleepy all the time and I feel I have lost my life I use to have. Fun loveing easy going person . Now I feel depressed and sad because of my attacks. I too quit smoking cause it would bring on attacks. Now I can smoke some days and some days I wake up and the minute I open my eyes I know this is going to be a non caffine/smoking day. Other days I feel perfectly fine and drink caffine and have a couple smokes no problem. Everyday i wonder why ,why do I have to live like this. I go to counceling twice a week and it helps I guess but I still get panic attacs!!! Good Luck If you want to contact me to e-mail back and forth to talk about panic attacts it's anyone welcome!!!!


I'm 18 and have had real bad anxiety since I can remember. Weed makes them worse.. i always thought weed calmed u down, but not me. I feel u on this. Anxiety is a horrible thing. If anybody has any advice my email is maybe we could help each other through this


I got my first panic attack at the age of 17 I'm now 33. I thought I was having a heart attack like most of you did. It's so scarey. I get them all the time, feeling like I can't breath chest tightness, palpations, vision problems,dizziness, depersonalazation just about every symptom you can get!! I've been on many meds. Zoloft worked the best for a while but stopped. I was taking Xanax for a while but I feel it's giving me blackouts (lasting only seconds) . I sure wish there was a cure for this ;(. My email is

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