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Dont really know how to begin this but I guess it really started bad when I was 22. But have to kinda give a quick overview of my earlier life. As a teenager in highschool nothin really bothered me except I was kinda a hypochondriac. I experimented with all different types of drugs (marijuana always being my favorite that i smoked everyday from 14 to 18)I never had any bad reactions to any of them. Once I turned about 18 I noticed my heart would start racing from smokin pot as well as when I would drink alcohol. I slowly stopped smoking pot as that was getting worse. Now at this point by 18 (and nomore pot smoking) my heart would race every night before bed and I'd always have hard time falling asleep. I went to doctors and had EKGs done and everything was normal. So I just dealt with it. Finally by the age of 22 I started to take percocets after getting my wisdom teeth out. I ended up getting addicted but they relaxed me and helped with my heart racing but did ruin my life financially. After a year of takin them my heart would start racing again like it had during the end of my pot smokin days. I kinda just looked past it. Well one night I decided to try smokin pot again. After I smoked my heart started racing like crazy. I was with a couple friends so I was tryin to play it cool. But my mind started racing and I got it in my head I was having a heart attack. Then I just lost it. My friends house was right behind a hospital. I got out of the house and called 911 sayin I was walking over to the hospital and I was having a heart attack. I had myself so amped up I was going nuts. I went into hospital absolutely losing it. They took me in right away(which when I look back I feel like a douche because someone with a serious problem Probly had to wait longer cuz me). I finally calmed down when they took me in and I felt so stupid. They said it was a panic attack due to the pot. After I left that night my life went down hill. I started having panic attacks every day especially at night. I would wake up in middle of night and pace around the house. It was always around 2 or 3 in the morning. I finally had to wake my mother up one night and talk to her about it. Again feeling dumb being 22 and having to wake my mother up. Come to find out she had them too at my age. So I finally went to doctors. Got put on Paxil only. After 2 weeks it was worse. Having the worst panic attacks I've ever had. Once while driving to work in the morningI pulled over and called 911(again like a douche) then that night I wole up around 5am. I paced around my room for a good half hour fighting from losing it. Eventually I snapped and woke my brother up and made him drive me to hospital. On the way there I was sure as hell I was gonna die. I lost it the hole rode there. Was longest ride of my life. They took me in and had to pretty mush restrain me to a bed cuz I could not stop moving. They gave me 10 Ativans. I stopped the Paxil right after. I eventually went to a therapist. My primary prescribed me Xanax. I thought if never get better. I wouldn't drive anymore or go to places I enjoyed going before because as you all know you have that fear of havin one in public. I basically went to work and went home. I would not allow myself to sleep until i just couldnt stay awake anymore for the fear of waking up In the middle of a panic attack. Finally i was so fed up i was determined to get over it. My life really just sucked. A few things that eventually started to get me to see a light at the end of a tunnel was my old boss who had panic disorder. I would call her every time I was having one. just talking to her and her knowing how I was feeling helped me through it. I quit smoking ciggeretts and drinking (not that i was a big drinker but alcohol brought on attacks, and unfortunitly i did start smoking again after 8 months when i got better)Then I bought an anxiety book. I would read it all the time and it really helped me calm down. And the last thing was I went walking everyday for a couple miles which helped relax me and clear my head. I would still take the Xanax but only as needed in fear of getting to dependent on them. Slowly but surely I got better. I started driving far by myself. I moved into the city. Started working at a new place with all new people I didn't know and everything went really well. The anxiety was always still there but it was easy to manage. I'm now 25 just bout to be 26 and there starting to come back again. Started off real slow but now it's almost once a day again. And the stupid at night shitty attacks are coming back. I'm better prepared this time but it still sucks and I'm hoping I can get over it again. So if anyone actually read this hole thing cuz I know it's long I'd be happy to talk to anyone that has the problems I had and seem to be having once again after being ok for about 3 years. I'd be happy to share other stories and hear stories. It always seems to help to talk to other people that understand. Only good thing bout this was it got me off percocets. Only takin them few times when prescribed but even after I was better they would still bring on bad anxiety and minor panic attacks. So I know I'll be clean from those and any drug for the extreme fear of severe panick attacks like the first one I had from smokin pot. Hopefully I didn't bore you to much haha

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I am so glad I found this website, I never recognized myself as having anxiety attacks until my father died about ten years ago. My brother and his family were living and taking care of our dad before he died so quite naturally they knew the medications he was taking and what they were for.

My brother told me Dad was taking medication for anxiety and that he too has anxiety attacks, when he described the symptoms I knew what he was talking about.

I have experienced anxiety attacks all my life, even in grade school. I believe mine were brought on by physical and emotional trauma when I was a small child (bad stuff you can never forget). I break out in a sweat, I forget what I am talking about, because I am so nervous, I cannot speak to crowds of people. I would never go to parties without friends, I would be afraid to go out on a date unless I was around other people I knew. Before I would go out my stepmother would fix dinner for me, I was too nervous to eat it. As I got older I became more outgoing but depressed, I missed parental love so I sought it elswhere. I did drugs, pot, I tried hullucinagenics(sp)why I did drugs I do not know because they would make me paranoid.

I get that quesy feeling in my stomach, feeling something bad is about to happen, impending doom. Still not recognizing these are anxiety attacks.

Last year was the tip of the iceberg, I experienced an attack like no other. I just moved from my house to an apartment. It started with a stiff neck, then my blood pressure kept going up, I started feeling like someone was sticking pins in my head,I had headaches, I would break out with sweats, chills, I couldn't sleep, at all, because my nerves were on edge, I couldn't eat, I called the EM's cause I thought I was having a heart attack. For three months I didn't know what was happening to me. Now I understand why people want to commit suicide, they hurt so much and it feels like you have no control over your life. Neither did my nurse. I have been to the hospital twice thinking I was having a heart attack, they found nothing.

I went to my doctor, he didn't bother to test me.but gave me blood pressure medicine for the first time ever. I went to another doctor he dosed me with something, I didn't like it because half the time I had no clue what was going on. I went to another doctor and she took me off that and gave me something milder, I didn't like that either. So I went to the health food store and there the manager recommended something for anxiety in the B family. I took that and refilled the bottle once more. I have been able to cope until recently. I am about to have knee replacement surgery, I cancelled the surgery once, there is no medical reason yet to cancell it again but, now the anxiety symptoms are worse.

Now I have sweats, chills, difficult breathing, sometimes my heart races so fast I just know I am having a heart attack, once I felt like a ballon when someone lets the air out of it. I have tingling in my feet, legs, back, arms, head, sometimes I feel like I am going to throw up, I have headaches, I want to throw up all the time, I get this burning or hot sensation feeling all over, like I am having hot flashes, I itch everywhere, my hair has been falling out for years, (probably from lack of hormones)but mostly where the tingling is on the top of my head.

I am going for a stress test, where they inject something in you to race your heart, I fear the test. I went to get an open MRI, to find out what was happening with my neck and why it hurt, I started crying, They would not do the MRI, later I found I have bone spurs in my neck from an accident and I have arthritis there.

Someone left an anxiety recipe on this site. I am going back to the health food store and get all that I need because, I ain't taking no drugs! I am too old (67) to start taking drugs that will wreck my health any further. I am trying to stay as healthy as I can minus arthritis and taking drugs after knee surgery.

If anyone has similar symptoms or suggestions, please comment!


Thank You for described exactly what i have been going through the past year. Right down to the douchey emergency visits, and the waking up my mom(although i called her at work....with douchy tears in my eyes)to talk to her about my anxiety. Anyways, reading your story also helped me feel better(as i was reading the sweating stopped). and i also found writing this response is also helping............which in turn makes me feel even better because if simple actions like this releive my anxiety then i wont(or hope i wont)need the pills.


I started getting them a few years ago, and ive been noticing it will be bad for a few months, then it will be like once a day then it will gt really bad again, when i was a teenager i was abused, and i got raped from a guy i thoght was my friend, and after that i started getting them really bad, more when im with people i dont really know, its annoying and i get really embarrassed because of it.


I had panic attacks until I was diagnosed with food allergies. When I stopped eating the offending foods the panic attacks stopped. There were other issues like adrenal gland burnout that also can cause panic attacks. Did have to strengthen the glands too. I went the naturopathic way as opposed to pharmaceuticals because I usually have major reactions to meds. Like lorazepam (sp?) gave me rebound panic attacks. Vitamins/magnesium seem to help also - not cure but definitely help!


Well I want to tell you my testimony. I have been suffering panic attacks since I was a little girl my first severe attack was at the age of 7. My father would leave me alone at night time until morning...I was terrified I thought no one will come for me..I felt abandoned. I was in puerto Rico visiting him and my mom was in Florida. She didn't know. Well when I got back home o my mom 2 yrs later my step father died from cancer and my mom felt into a depression. I am the oldest being about nine. My grandma came to help us. Since little I was always allowed to watch horror movies....that also affected me.
I started having panic attacks at night when everyone would be sleeping I felt alone. I grew up being taught the ways of the Lord and He truly was my help. I can say that because I look back and see how every help I got was Him. There where nights I would be trembling sobbing heart racing and I would pray speak to the Lord Jesus and I would fall in a sweet sleep and would wake up calm.
I'm 29 now I've had severe panic attacks at 15, 27, and the most recent one this year which to me was the most intense but I have had the Lord get through. Prayer( speaking God), reading word(bible) and having my family in Christ helped alot.
God also put in my life my sister in law who knew exactly what it is like. And Grandmother who would answer my calls at 2,3,5 in the morning.
I learned that I needed healing from the traumatic experience from my past. And it is ok to medicine to help for the time. God chooses to use the things that are here in the world to help us like medicine, counseling....etc. He is the one the gives us all that is good all that helps us and builds us up but He'll also let trials hardship come our way to deliver us from a wrong path.
And plus healing is process it takes pain to heal.
For I know the plans I have of you says the Lord plans of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

Yoel Lopez

I too suffer from panic attacks, GAD and agoraphobia. I have always wanted to meet people with my condition or whom is experiencing sort of like the same symptoms. I'm not a big fan of emails to about this subject which I rather do over the phone. I'm gomna leave my phone number here and iF anyone of you reads this and wants to calm me pls feel free too. I really would love If out there there was a group of people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks to support each other. I would prefer people from south Florida, just because they would be closer to me but anyone can call me or write to me. I have tried this before but people don't seem to be interested. My number is 7864490238 and my email is or Yes I'm a former gator student. Looking forward to hear from any of you.


Wow, I'm very similar to your description. I'm turning 26 and panic disorder has practically ruined my life. I've lost jobs, failed classes, lost friends... etc. I took Paxil for a year and it did decrease the attacks but I had every adverse effect from that drug. I started acting really bizarrely and increased my drinking a lot... so much that I actually got DUI. I weened off of it and started going to cognitive therapy. It was slow but it really worked. I have my degree in Neuroscience and Psychology and I currently work in a cog neuropsych lab so I definitely know the power of therapy both as a patient and in research. I wholeheartedly recommend seeing a cognitive therapist and just sticking with it. I still get attacks from time to time (you never cure it) but I deal with them a lot more effectively and am able to function.
you can email me if you want to talk more about it... up to you.


um hi i need advice/answers right now more than anything..i'm 25 years old and on may 22, 2012 i woke up in the middle of the night, when i rose my head up my eyes went really blurry and both of my arms went numb..i called my mother in law and she took me to the hospital they said it was anxiety gave me pacsil, then sent me home. but none of my symptons have gone away...for the last four months i,ve been dizzy all the time morning till night..blurry vision when i eat...both arms go numb and i cant sleep...when i lay down my eyes get worst...what im asking i guess is, is what i have anxiety or is it something else? does anyone else have these symptoms? if you have an comment or suggeston or anything that may be any help at all to me please email me...@ i really need some answers.


Rich! OMG man that is my life right there! I can not believe people are going through the exact same situations I deal with. It is odd how you think you are unique and that this is different... something is wrong. I am having a heart attack!!!! I'm going to die right here... right now...

I have been dealing with this current episode for about 5 straight days and I can not sleep for fear of not waking up :( I bug my wife to death and she doesn't understand at all. She is like you know how many times you say the same thing? This is all in your head... and acts like I'm bothering her or keeping her up. I have no choice but to just go to the couch and be alone. I constantly sit up because when I lay down it starts. If I think about it, it gets worse and I get tingles or feel shakey like something is building and something is coming. Sometimes I end up pacing all over the house and then I sit back down... lay down... it starts agian and I repeat the entire process till the wee hours of the morning. I finally ended up falling asleep at like 2:30am and had to wake up at 6 for work. This is a hell of a way to live day after day :(

It's amazing that so many of our stories are the same. Why can't someone FIX this?

Anyway - I would love to talk with you email me anytime.


I just turned 23 and the exactthing you experienced I am too, minus the drugs. I don't take anything. I'm so worried everything will make it worse. Would love to hear from fellow sufferer's, especially since I'm constantly getting the 'you have these all the time you're not gonna die just get over it' conversations from my boyfriend family and friends. None of them have this so they just don't understand. Please email me, would love to hear from someone who understands.

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