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Dont really know how to begin this but I guess it really started bad when I was 22. But have to kinda give a quick overview of my earlier life. As a teenager in highschool nothin really bothered me except I was kinda a hypochondriac. I experimented with all different types of drugs (marijuana always being my favorite that i smoked everyday from 14 to 18)I never had any bad reactions to any of them. Once I turned about 18 I noticed my heart would start racing from smokin pot as well as when I would drink alcohol. I slowly stopped smoking pot as that was getting worse. Now at this point by 18 (and nomore pot smoking) my heart would race every night before bed and I'd always have hard time falling asleep. I went to doctors and had EKGs done and everything was normal. So I just dealt with it. Finally by the age of 22 I started to take percocets after getting my wisdom teeth out. I ended up getting addicted but they relaxed me and helped with my heart racing but did ruin my life financially. After a year of takin them my heart would start racing again like it had during the end of my pot smokin days. I kinda just looked past it. Well one night I decided to try smokin pot again. After I smoked my heart started racing like crazy. I was with a couple friends so I was tryin to play it cool. But my mind started racing and I got it in my head I was having a heart attack. Then I just lost it. My friends house was right behind a hospital. I got out of the house and called 911 sayin I was walking over to the hospital and I was having a heart attack. I had myself so amped up I was going nuts. I went into hospital absolutely losing it. They took me in right away(which when I look back I feel like a douche because someone with a serious problem Probly had to wait longer cuz me). I finally calmed down when they took me in and I felt so stupid. They said it was a panic attack due to the pot. After I left that night my life went down hill. I started having panic attacks every day especially at night. I would wake up in middle of night and pace around the house. It was always around 2 or 3 in the morning. I finally had to wake my mother up one night and talk to her about it. Again feeling dumb being 22 and having to wake my mother up. Come to find out she had them too at my age. So I finally went to doctors. Got put on Paxil only. After 2 weeks it was worse. Having the worst panic attacks I've ever had. Once while driving to work in the morningI pulled over and called 911(again like a douche) then that night I wole up around 5am. I paced around my room for a good half hour fighting from losing it. Eventually I snapped and woke my brother up and made him drive me to hospital. On the way there I was sure as hell I was gonna die. I lost it the hole rode there. Was longest ride of my life. They took me in and had to pretty mush restrain me to a bed cuz I could not stop moving. They gave me 10 Ativans. I stopped the Paxil right after. I eventually went to a therapist. My primary prescribed me Xanax. I thought if never get better. I wouldn't drive anymore or go to places I enjoyed going before because as you all know you have that fear of havin one in public. I basically went to work and went home. I would not allow myself to sleep until i just couldnt stay awake anymore for the fear of waking up In the middle of a panic attack. Finally i was so fed up i was determined to get over it. My life really just sucked. A few things that eventually started to get me to see a light at the end of a tunnel was my old boss who had panic disorder. I would call her every time I was having one. just talking to her and her knowing how I was feeling helped me through it. I quit smoking ciggeretts and drinking (not that i was a big drinker but alcohol brought on attacks, and unfortunitly i did start smoking again after 8 months when i got better)Then I bought an anxiety book. I would read it all the time and it really helped me calm down. And the last thing was I went walking everyday for a couple miles which helped relax me and clear my head. I would still take the Xanax but only as needed in fear of getting to dependent on them. Slowly but surely I got better. I started driving far by myself. I moved into the city. Started working at a new place with all new people I didn't know and everything went really well. The anxiety was always still there but it was easy to manage. I'm now 25 just bout to be 26 and there starting to come back again. Started off real slow but now it's almost once a day again. And the stupid at night shitty attacks are coming back. I'm better prepared this time but it still sucks and I'm hoping I can get over it again. So if anyone actually read this hole thing cuz I know it's long I'd be happy to talk to anyone that has the problems I had and seem to be having once again after being ok for about 3 years. I'd be happy to share other stories and hear stories. It always seems to help to talk to other people that understand. Only good thing bout this was it got me off percocets. Only takin them few times when prescribed but even after I was better they would still bring on bad anxiety and minor panic attacks. So I know I'll be clean from those and any drug for the extreme fear of severe panick attacks like the first one I had from smokin pot. Hopefully I didn't bore you to much haha

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I feel y'all. My first panic attack was at 9. But it got really bad after a night of some really speedy E. I used to wake up with panic and heart palpitations in the middle of the night. In time it became every time I went outside, eventually I had to stay inside my house, and even then I would sometimes get them. It was brutal! I was in a nearly constant state of freaking out - or worrying about freaking out. I've been to emergency PLENTY of times. I feel like a douche every single time. But every single time it feels like i'm really having a heart attack, or some other thing is really wrong. I eventually went on Paxil - and it worked - no more panic, but it took a while. Lots of people on here say 'Its been a few weeks and its not working' - you have to give it time. You feel worse, WAY worse for a week or two when you start a Paxil or Celexa or Zoloft or whatever, but then it starts to get better and in four to six weeks you can go outside again. You can have your life back. But you'll be really tired. You can still work, but you'll find you want to nap a lot. I could easily sleep 12 hours in a night - no problem when I was on Paxil. That's the drag part of it. And you'll lose motivation and ambition ( I did @ least.) After 12 years I went off Paxil (Brutal again! Withdrawals are terrible) and then after about 6 months i started to get panic again. So i went on Celexa - back to being tired - but at least I could function again (i was starting to get weird about leaving the house). Now I'm off everything.
Panic creeps up on you. YOur brain will let a little panic in, then a little more, and a little more and then all of a sudden you're f'ed. So you have to catch your panic thoughts when they first start to whisper to you (eg. 'my body feels funny' - you gotta divert yourself from those thoughts in any way you can.) But try some meds. Just don't stay on them for 12 years like i did. Get on them, stay on till you think you can handle life without it. Under no circumstances should you drink caffeine! That's just asking for a panic attack. I also learned meditation (not breath meditation, that makes me freak out about how my body feels too much - I use a gong sound to concentrate on, or something like it). Also I go to church and pray for help. A solid relationship with God will definitely help you too. Sorry about the super long post. I hope it helps you! I remember being right where you are now and it sucks. But it can get a lot better. (Oh - and i got sober - no drugs, no booze - that helped a lot too.) I'll pray for all of you on this, a


Wow. Its amazing at how many people have the same issues with anxiety amd panic attacks. I have exactly the same symtoms and have had thoughts that i was having a heart attack and have gone into the ER several times. These started for me at 18 after a night of partying with drugs, i am now 34 and though i have not touched a drug since 18, i continue to have these attacks. I drink on the weekends and the day after these attacks are so bad. I quit caffeine and am working on quitting the drinking and smoking cigarettes because i have noticed, while being pregnant, without any of these my attacks were few and far between. It definitely feels better to hear everyones experiences and share mine but i have needed to continue taking the Xanax which i wish i didnt. I dont like taking pills so other than eating healthier and excercise, does anyone have suggestions on how to work through a severe attack? My heart races, my arms feel numb i get hot then cold, feel nauseated, cant breathe and my mind goes crazy thinking about all the different things that could be wrong with me, i get dizzy n lightheaded feeling as if im going go pass out. The day after drinking i also have this shaking of my hands n it feels like in my chest is also shakey, uneasy feeling. Laying down n closing my eyes n focusing on breathing does not help, it makes it worse. What is more scary to me is having these attacks with 4 children. Any suggestions would be great and much appreciated! I too would luv for anyone to feel free and email me if they ever needed to talk with someone to help cope with an attack. Again i would love to know if anyone has suggestions on how to work through an attack without having to constantly take pills?


It's funny how we've all gone through the same thing and know its not dangerous and all have had a hundred of these attacks but yet every one is just a shitty as the last. Somethin that helped me the first time especially to fall asleep without racing thoughts would be to write about my day in as much detail as possible. I'd get so bored from it I'd fall asleep with the pen in my hand. Or I'd read a book about anxiety and panic because that was the only type of book I could relate to and wanna actual read when having an attack. Pacing around usual helps. Layin in bed trying to fall asleep during one I feel makes it worse. They just suck. And I only get mine at night which is the worst wakin up in one. I just wish I could get over it again this time without meds but I just don't have the time like I used to when I first had this issue and got over it. But I've been doin ok lately. Went 5 nights of sleeping through and no Xanax. Maybe the Zoloft is working but I don't really know. Althought last night I did have a bad attack. Could not breath. Get those rushing feelings in my legs and head. Minds racing with thoughts that make no sense. Stomach was going crazy. Actually through up. Popped a Xanax and that helped within 15 minutes. Just sucked cuz that ended my 5 days of no Xanax


My anxiety started after i quit smoking pot too its kind of weird how similar most these storys are. I also tried remedying with smoking again and yeah that was a bad idea. I been on a binge drinking spree since i was 18 when this all started (22 now). The days after drinking are pretty terrible but i find that as long as i have a couple beers in my system i dont really have anxiety. Wich is kind of like a negative positive cause all that booze can be pretty damaging and dangerous. Ive been told by lots of people that excersize and eating healthy and good sleep but not to much sleep will help out alot. Ive also been told that anxiety isnt just a disorder in itself it could be a number of things mixed together so keep that in mind too. Everyone take care was nice to read all of your posts


I have the same things happen to me too. Mine all started about 2 years ago and i started doing ok again and in the last 5 days they have started up again bad...I get mine in the morning wherethey wake me up and its horrible because i always want to rush right to the hospital but i cant...i am goingto see another doctor to get back on my meds that seemed to help me so well but i just dont know what to do i almost checked myself into a mental hospital last time i have kids and i dont want them to see me go through this again i am fighting it with everything i got but i just dont want to lose it again...this is something that i would never wish on anyone i rather be sick then to have these type of problems mine r that bad and now im not eating..Im sorry to drag on here but i would luv to talk to anyone that can relate to what i am going through email is thank you

Anonymous ive been dealing with panic attacks since I was 15 years old after a childhood of suffering severe now 35 yrs old & have suffered everything that ive read here. Ive been prescribed every anti depressant out there & at one point was prescribed 4..2 mg xanex a day. Let me tell you how xanex is the worst thing you can do..what happens when you dont have any??? ..panic gets become dependent on it & eventually you cant deal with anything without them. Get off of them that will help. I know I sound crazy but trust & believe I kniw what im talking about. I have learned yoga breathing techniques & just like another comment you must do the breathing while your in an attack. What works the best is to start the breathing wh hen you feel an attack coming on. Hope this helps.


Hey. I just read your story. I can relate. I'm going to be 26 next month and I started getting anxiety really bad about 3 years ago. I've aleays had since I was a teenager but its gotten a lot worse since then. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. I take anxiety attacks at work, home,, when I'm out. Its the worst feeling ever. It controls our lives. Sometimes I won't get it at all for weeks at a time and then all of a sudden it creeps up on me. I find going to the gym or for a walk helps. Also, a hot bubble bath helps me relax and feel at ease. Chamomile tea is good for relaxing too. I don't like taking medications and try to stay away from them. Talking about it woth someone is comforting. Just thought I would share my thoughts with you. Feel free to reply!


Hey jennifer,
Ya mine comes and goes too and im trying to stay away from medication. How long does your 'Good' and 'bad' periods last? Have you tried exercise?


Reading these posts def make me feel not so alone...about a week ago i went to lexapro because i would get anxious time to time, i am also getting married next monthh so thats just added stress...a few days ago i woke up in the middle of the night with the worst anxiety attack of my life and its been happening the past 4 nights..i feel worse after starting the lexapro and have decided to stop taking it doc also prescribed me xanex which i need to take about every 6 hrsotherwise i feel like im dieing...i hope this helps but im worried my body is getting dependent on the xanex...i hope this helps i just want to feel normal for my wedding!


I Knew I wasnt alone or at least that is what I was Hoping. Reading the stories that you all have left has made me feel ten times better confirming i'm not alone.I too would like to leave my email address where you all can email me and vs Verse when we are need of a person who has been in the same positon of a panic attack I'll pray for you all in the meantime...PRAY FOR ME AND I'LL PRAY FOR YOU(SMILE)

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