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Frequent UTI's. It got so bad that I was living on antibiotics. Finally I bought Cranberry Pills and I take two a day. Haven't had a UTI since. Take a daily cranberry supplement for those who have a recurrent issue with UTI's. Beyond that be sure to pee after intercourse and after taking a bath. I know they say to give up baths but this girl HAS to have her Calgon moments and figure stress is a huge trigger in so many ailments and a relaxing bath eases stress for me. As long as I take the cranberry pills and pee afterwards I am good.

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The yummiest remedy I found for UTI...
Take some granny smith apples pieces skinned... Take some white vinegar and add some salt for taste.. Use it as a dip for the apple slices and eat them.. Trust me it's heavenly taste and it works.. You can drink the left over vinegar after eating the apple.. If you don't feel the magic in an hour, I ll take the blame :-) Have a healthy living


Did you have a pain in your back also?


Tried them they dont even work.

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