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I had several plantar warts on my foot when I was in college and I tried lots of over the counter wart removers but they never worked. Then I studied abroad in brazil and after a month of showering with Brazilian water, they just disappeared- so strange.

Now they're back and I've tried over the counter things again- and like last time they didn't work. But after reading on this site and others- I figured out a remedy that's working!

I started with using duct tape. I'd shower, use a pumice stone, dry my foot well and put duct tape over the warts and leave it there all day. After work, I'd take it off and put a fresh piece on until my next shower. Every time I pulled the tape off, another layer of skin/ wart came off with it. As the warts got more crater-like I'd have to make sure the tape made it inside the crater so it could stick to the wart. I did that for a week- my warts were never untaped unless I was in the shower.

Then at night I started soaking my foot in apple cider vinegar for an hour or so while I watched tv. Then I made a paste of chewable aspirin (they dissolved faster) and a few drops of vinegar. I dried my foot and filled the wart craters with the paste like it was spackle. I soaked a tiny amount of cotton in vinegar and put it on top of the paste and taped it down to sleep. In the morning, I'd take the cotton off, shower and use a pumice stone on my foot and then tape it again all day.

After 1 week of duct tape and 2 days of the vinegar/aspirin soak, a hard thing came out of my smallest wart. It was like a cork at the bottom of the crater- so strange. After another couple days, the same thing happened to the other 2 larger ones. There was a little bit of pain and the biggest one bled a little, but it was mostly painless. When the craters got really big, I'd spackle it with neosporin during the day under the tape. The hole was big and I was worried about infection but it ended up making the white skin that formed the crater edge softer so it wore down faster with the pumice stone in the shower. I still can't believe it all worked in less than 2 weeks!!

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Is it white vinegar or apple cider vinegar?

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