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Ramiz Shaikh

I am surprised nobody has yet mentioned the Indian homeopathic way of getting rid of cough: Boil milk and then add turmeric (you can also add very little sugar to sweetened the milk). Drink it warm as you wouldn't like the taste once it's cold. My mom has been giving me this ever since I was a kid.

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Tried this and it does work I added about a teaspoon of honey and about 2/3 teaspoon turmeric made me feel slightly queezy but milk when I cough does that anyway ... But after about 10 mins was fine and able to sleep for 3 hours before waking up coughing my lungs up again :)

Liane Page

Boiling the milk causes the positive atributes in it to disappear and further more milk produces mucus and definately do not use sugar, espially, not refined sugar; honey or liquid stivia is the better choice. Good luck.


Are you suggesting that using milk isn't a good idea? Would a mixture of tumeric and warm water be better? Indians didn't have milk...


I tried the tumeric w warm milk for chest congestion. Tasted bad but by the next morning i was coughing up the congestion w ease. I would recommend this. It worked for me.


add a little pepper powder to the milk and turmeric... And in the end stir in honey... Pepper really helps...


Firstly your recommendation of Milk and Turmeric is not 'Homeopathy'! Just because you can do it at 'Home' does not make it 'Homeopathy'! 'Homeopathy' involves the use of Alchol. Search for 'Homeopathy' on google. I found a nice article on Wikipedia, but unable to post links here.

And for some who believe 'Homeopathy' is an indian form of medicine, you couldn't be far from the truth. It is German and the International Medical community considers 'Homeopathy' as a quackery because of the very low efficiency of its medicine. A lot of times, people who take only 'Homeopathy' medicine lose valuable time to get the correct treatment because when they finally realize that 'Homeopathy' does not work they come to 'Allopathy', but it is too late by then.


Homeopathy may not be the best of treatments, but in an emergency and when the ambulance won't come quick enough (like if you have a terrible burn)what else are you going to do? Perhaps a hospital is the best answer but in places where the hospital has a month waiting list for emergency and otherwise what, pray tell, are you going to do?


Love this recipe, it worked perfectly for me, thanks for posting!

Manu N

Thank you for posting this home remedy. However, please understand that while it can be called an ayurvedic remedy, it has absolutely no connection to homeopathy.


Ayurvedic remedies are related to homeopathy, and other forms of treatment. Homeopathy does *not* have to involve alcohol. Try reading Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing by Dr Vasant Lad, an expert on Ayurvedic medicine. This is a great recipe for the cough, thanks for sharing!

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