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This was the biggest boil I had ever seen! And it was growing on me and it HURT! I've had smaller ones before and they all usually burst after a hot shower, but not this one. I busted out my handy kitchen cures recipe book and started going down the list of remedies. The first one I tried suggested amking a baking soda paste and applying a hot compress. It did relieve the pain right away, and a tiny head appeared, but it did not burst. The next remedy I tried worked wonderfully! Make a small amound of oatmeal (according to the directions) and apply it to the boil. Then cover it with a band-aid (make sure it's large enough so it doesn't touch the boil or it will hurt like heck when you take it off). Apply a hot compress and by morning it will pop! For those of us who don't have tumeric, tea tree oil or epsom salts on hand, and can't spend a lot of money at the drug store, this is a simple, cheap remedy! I hope it works for someone else like it did for me.

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This actually worked for me, and I've had the boil now for 5 days with no relief until I tried your idea. Thanks!


Well I've had a boil under my armpit for days now its huge I can't even put my arm down! Its 6:15 in the morning and I've been up all night I even started crying it hurt so bad! I read this and noticed it was the only thing I had and vinger and toothpaste that was other people posted would take the pain away well I just mixed them all up together and it took so much of the pain away already I hope it works and when I wake up its gone thanks for the help very very very much :o)

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