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Hi All,

I googled home remdies last week in desperation as my poor Jack Russel struggles so much and chews her back and feet raw from the resulting allergy. I find products like Frontline dont work very well and are very expensive when you have lots of pets (I have 6).

There were so many options that I just combind the ones I felt were best, and Ive had such great results. Lulu's back is already starting to clear up a week later and I havent noticed any fleas on any of my 6 animals so far.

I used the following combination:

Presoak: several lemons boiled in water with a few teaspoons of salt. Once cooled, I added vinegar to this and sprayed their coats as solidily as they would allow, then left to dry.

Wash: I mixed Johnsons baby bedtime bath or shampoo, with a dishwashing liquid and a washing powder, and lathered them thoroughly before rinsing well.

Conditioning: I mixed 300mls Johnsons baby oil with 10 drops of each of the following essential oils: lavender, grapefruit and teatree. I massaged this into their coats as much as I could.

Sprinkle: I put a line of washing powder from each dogs neck to tail once they were compltely dry. I did not do this to the cats however.

I also used the peels of the lemons from the presoak to put under their bedding to help keep the fleas out and Ive been adding apple cider vinegar to their food about 3 times a week.

Its a fair amount of work, but just make it part of your routine and keep the washing days to a sunny weekend.

Seems to work for me, so I hope it does for you!

Good luck!

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What does the vinger with there food do??


What is the Washing Powder you mention?


The apple cider vinger helps keep the fleas away and it can be any washing powder


How much apple cider vinegar do you put on their food?


Frontline actually does work. You are supposed to wash the cat 3 days after and do it every month to take the creepy crawlers away


frontline poisens the dogs blood...thats how it kills the fleas...i wouldnt do that to my self or any person i love...why do it to an animal you love?


I have 6 animals and it is very expensive for frontline and does not seem to work at all. The vet suggested that I switch to another brand and put it on 2 weeks after the fronline. So that would mean 2 different kinds twice a month on 6 animals. Who can afford that, NOT ME. And seems very dangerous for the animals.


Apple cider vinegar is also very beneficial for many many other things too, for both animals and humans.

I originally started using apple cider vinegar (organic, with the 'mother', that way it hasn't yet had all of the beneficial stuff removed from processing) because one of my cats developed crystals in his urine.

Animal nutrition is something that I'm very passionate about and I like to think that I thoroughly research anything that I put into or onto my animals before doing so. I knew that the food the vet wanted me to put my cat on was only going to mask the problem, not correct it (in turn causing a host of other problems) so I went searching for an alternative.

After determining that, at the very least, ACV wasn't going to harm my pets in any way I went straight to the grocery store where they luckily carry just what I was looking for. I mixed a bit in with their wet food and within a couple of hours, my cat was peeing in his litter box again with no crying or anything. Yes, it really does work that fast. And that well.

Just Google it, you'll find a ton of websites and articles with a wealth of reviews from every day people who's pets were saved by one simple thing. And check out the benefits to people too :-)


My puppy was chewing his back and crying.. and his skin felt hot, So I made up a batch of organic apple viniegar and bottled water, 50/50, and sprayed his back, legs and underbelly area and rubbed it in well, within a very few minutes his skin had cooled and he hasn't scratched all day. this is harmless for animals and works a treat....

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