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GUARANTEED!!! Here's the deal, the only reason genital warts appeared is because I had a weak immunity. So, there are 3 simple and inexpensive things that I do to keep my immunity strong that has worked.
1. Take 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda in water every morning and every night
2. Drink lemon with your water throughout the day.
3. Rinse mouth out with Hydrogen (1/2 cap full for 90 seconds) Peroxide after you brush, brush the back of your tongue and floss every night.

Bacteria in our body has a tough time growing in an alkaline environment (Baking Soda and Lemons)
Hydrogen Peroxide kills all the bacteria in your mouth so your body doesn't have to fight them all night long.

These steps will keep your immunity strong by having a lot less bacteria to fight thus keeping genital warts from ever coming back. I GUARANTEE IT!!!!!!!
So, follow a 'alkaline diet' and get your body basic and never get sick again. Simple, right?!

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Am not a doctor. I agree that good immunity helps. But please remember that hpv is caused by a virus not bacteria.


Just one thing - if you are trying to raise the pH of something (AKA. make it more alkaline), you lemon juice will NOT accomplish that. As you probably know, citrus fruits are classified as such because they contain citric acid. Acid has a low pH; that is, it is the opposite of alkaline. Not that drinking lemon juice is a bad idea, there's lots of healthy stuff in it, but it will not change your pH the way you're expecting.


Lemon is actually converted in your body to alkaline. Lemon is always a great choice for any reason.


I also want to add that I also drink Olive Leaf Extract(Glycerite) with water 1-2 times a day. I usually just drink 1 dropful a day with about 16 ounces a water and it really helps keep me healthy and keep the gw away.

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