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I recently graduated from Culinary school, and have a tendency to burn my fingers. Pots, sugar, food, you name it I've probably burned myself with it. I've used this remedy to help a lot of times especially on my fingers. Take a glove, any plastic lined glove pull it over the burnt hand and pour vanilla essence in it, even imitation essence until it covers the burnt area, tie something loosely so that the liquid will stay inside. Keep it on for a while it will pull the burn out and prevent blisters.

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I will swear by this remedy. I burned two fingers very badly after I grabbed a hot pant (oops). The only thing I knew to do was let it sit in cold water until it stopped burning. After an hour I turned back to the internet to look for remedies. This definitely did the trick. My fingers were already starting to blister when I tried this. The next day I had mild blisters, and today you can barely tell I was even burned. Vanilla. It's the way to go.


For mild kitchen burns, I've found putting on a regular nitrile glove works. I suspect that the salves suggested here help because of their hyper osmotic nature, but the wrapping might be more critical. Putting your hand in cold water does nothing but confuse the nerve endings; the cold signal wins as long as it saturates the spinal nerve, but once it's gone, the pain comes back with a vengeance. The glove provides a barrier against heat and touch, which makes these sensations tolerable, and somehow this intermediate signal cancels the alarm signal.

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