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I've had this really painful infection in my mouth from my horse smacking me by accident when he got a bit giddy, it cracked a filling in half & started off an abcess (think that's how its spelt) anyway here in England the NHS dentist costs a minimum £45 just for a first visit with general work, so to kill the pain after reading the posts here, I made up a paste of garlic powder/baking soda/salt & oregano. I rubbed it on the infected gum then held some of the paste in my moth with head on one side & had it go around the tooth. Done that twice today & the whole area feels better. If you can't afford the dental work then try brushing your teeth gently then swill with mouth wash then try my paste because its working for me but remember the minty gum if you need to speak to anybody cos you're gonna stink of garlic!!

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