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I posted about 5 days ago that I discovered my bumps were GW by using the vinegar test. Well, 5 days later my multiple warts (I probably had about 30-40) are almost completely gone. Here is what I did:

I switched from ACV to potassium iodine. The ACV was making the rest of my vagina raw and irritated. When I put the iodine on the warts I could actually see them shrinking and it didn't sting nearly as badly. Beware of using an iodine tincture. Those are alcohol based and may really sting.

I also took the potassium iodine internally. 45 drops twice a day in water. I continues with my other vitamins: B-complex, Vit C, and emulified oregano and probiotics. I also added in some herbal formulas that contained anti-viral agents like Barberry, Oregon Graperoot and anise.

I can't tell if the warts are inside my vagina, but as a precaution I am douching with a mild iodine solution containing 10 drops. After douching I have been inserting a probiotic capsule.

I had all but forgotten about how powerful iodine is. It is a very strong anti-viral agent. I think the ACV is great for helping to identify the warts, but iodine has seemed to be a stronger treatment for them.

So glad I found this site. I fear that if I had gone to a doctor about this I would have been prescribed an Rx that would not have been nearly as effective as the natural remedies I am using.

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is ACV apple cider vinegar?

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