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BLOW DRYER! A wise ferry man spotted me applying anti-itch cream on my legs in the car and asked if I got some bug bites. I said no, poison ivy or oak. He said to dry it out with a blow dryer. I had it really bad. When I used the blow dryer on the areas the sensation was very satisfying. Immediately some of the red areas disappear and you can feel the moisture in the blisters drying up. The liquid, puss or whatever it is in the infected areas is what causes the rashes to spread when itched. After a good blow dry which can be quite addictive on the wounds, I apply calamine lotion for further drying and treatment. Works really well.

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actually the fluid in the poison isnt what spread it. It is the oil from the plants, which can linger on your clothes and other objects for years


Thank you. Ive been putting on aveno all day but my patch of p ivy still was killing me. I read this went and used the blow dryer on med heat. Not only did it feel supper good but the itch is gone and it looks a little smaller. Will do again later. And will pass this along


Felt AMAZING!! It has been about 3 hours and it hasn't started itching yet.


Not to be jerk but the other comment was correct once u have it you can't spread it by itching it. The puss inside the bumps won't spread it. You can put it on someone an it wont do anything but I agree the hair dryer works.

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