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I have had moderate acne since I was 14 and im 24 now. I have fazes were my skin looks great, and then other times when I breakout like crazy. I pick my face too... I know I only make it so much worse. I have tried every over the counter product nothing worked. I just recently found Organic Tea Tree oil. NOT the regular kind that is mixed with other harsh chemicals that overdry your skin...the natural ORGANIC kind that simply has one ingredient: Tea tree oil. I apply just a little to my clean face at night, and my face cleared up beautifully so fast, and it stopped new breakouts from happening. BEST part is the organic stuff doesnt dry out my skin. My skin is so clear now I dont even have to wear makeup anymore. SO HAPPY. And tea tree oil smells great like peppermint! just keep it away from your eyes and you wont have any problems, go to your local health food store and find some, its about 6 bucks a bottle.

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If you have on and off acne it sounds like you are allergic to something. Try quitting dairy products. All dairy-cheese, butter, milk especially.

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