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About two weeks ago I suspected that I had a yeast infection and bought Monostat to help treat my symptoms. Instead of reducing the effects of the infection using Monostat made my symptoms worse! I was very uncomfortable and displeased to discover that with the worsening of my condition the infection had spread to the outside of my vagina. Earlier this year I had contracted herpes from a partner who had withheld from me that they were a carrier of the virus! And I thought that due to the irritation of the 'yeast infection' I was beginning to have an outbreak. I immediately began taking medicine to combat the herpes outbreak I suspected was a brew, only to discover that the bump I thought was a small blister was in fact not a blister at all! After careful inspection of the rest of my genitals, I found two other bumps, all so small I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking at.
At first I wasn't too worried, because like I said, they were so small I thought maybe they were irritated skin glands. Unfortunately, after several days of keeping an eye on the area the three bumps appeared to have grown slightly in size. At this point I had a suspicion that something was not right and I started researching online what these little bumps could be. I was almost certain that they were warts from their appearance when magnified. I found this site and read about ACV as a form of treatment. The same day I went to my health food store and bought Bragg's AVC and other herbal supplements (resistant microbes and moringa) to help heal and boost my immunity. I started to take the supplements right away but held off on the ACV, because to be honest, I was a little scared of burning myself down there and was slightly hopeful that maybe I was mistaken about the true identity of my bumps.
To be positive of my self-diagnosis, I went to my STD clinic. Not only get rid of my yeast infection, but to see if my fears about HPV were unfounded. While there I was told that my yeast infection was actually BV and was given a prescription to treat this. But, when it came to the bumps my nurse told me that there was no test for HPV and that my bumps looked like swollen skin glands. I asked why they would have grown in size if they were glands and as an answer the nurse said if I was so worried that they were warts she had acid and could burn them off during my visit! Can you believe that not only did she tell me that there was NO WAY to test for HPV but that she would just burn me down there without a guarantee of knowing what she was offering to burn off!! I explained that I was uncomfortable with this if she could not give me a definite answer on what these bumps were. I also inquired about the use of ACV as a home treatment method because I have a low income and could not afford the costly medical bills that were sure to come with any treatment her clinic would provide. She told me that ACV would NOT work in the removal of any wart, that only the acid in her office would rid my body of warts if that is what my bumps were. She said that ACV would only inform me of warts if, after soaking the bumps with ACV for 15 minutes, they turned white. In the case that my bumps did indeed turn white , I could come back to her and she would burn them off.
I went home, soaked Q-tips in ACV and applied them to those bumps. It did not take even 15 minutes for them and the surrounding skin to turn white! Yes, it did burn, but not nearly as much as I had feared. I was correct all along in my suspicions. Not only did my warts turn white, they then turned grey and black with reapplications of ACV and ALL of them fell off in less than 2 hours!!! I have been applying Neosporin to the burns and they have almost healed in 2 days! After they heal completely I plan to reapply ACV to insure that there are no other warts hiding out down there.
I am also changing my lifestyle to improve my health, as well as the environment within my body. In doing so I will make it so that I am no longer hospitable to any virus or bad bacteria! By promoting a healthy diet, lifestyle habits, thinking and attitude I firmly believe any person can restore their health! And I wish for everyone suffering from warts, herpes, or any other disease a speedy recovery and to adopt a healthy lifestyle and mind frame!

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They can test for HPV. Blood is for sure and a pap test can see any abnormal cells.

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