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im at the point where it hurts to swallow, eat, drink. its so painful i havent had food for awhile. my throat is full of pus and is extremely inflamed.I was completely desperate so i did a 4 step remedy that really helped im not gonna lie and say its completely gone, but it definitely helped where i can swallow and not nearly have it hurt like it did. so I say its a success and im going to be repeating every couple hours. anyways this is how i treated it in order..
1. gargle listorine or any mouth wash 2 - 3 gargle as long as possible.
2. i took a very warm glass of salt and baking soda water and gargled till it was all gone.
3. after the not so pleasant taste of salt i swallowed 1 tps of pure honey
4. then just casually drank green tea and honey. it can be hot or cold. doesnt matter but i perfer cold and still worked..

hope it helps

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The Green tea is soo much better hot and feels so great going down and if u add mint to the tea it helps too!!


I know I'm pretty late but when your throat is pussy it means its infected and you need to go to the doctor.

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