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Mr one hitter quitter

What's works for me For 32 years is smoking a little bit of cannabis 'one hitter quitters only' maybe twice a day, has always lowered my blood pressure dramatIcally after 30-60 minutes after intake 'very calming' plus defenetly increases my appetite, 'eat healthy' & it will benefit many ways

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leon juice, olive oil, honey (equal parts, mix them up and apply on affected area. leave for 5-10 mins, and wash (mask)for face wash. use the same 3 ing erevyday (day nd night) wash with warm water. (if ur dry skin get oilatum face repair cream from boots around a3 7. and if ur oily skined then use oil free moisturiser i.e baby lotion while ur face is wet) use rose water as a toner.for all skin types. I have done this for about 3 months now and i promise u. it worked wonders.

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