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I tried every remedy and chemical out there. Spent a lot of money at the vet's and pet stores. I even doubled the amount of chemical with the chance of hurting my animals. I let the chemicals dry for several hours before I let her out (1 sm dog and a kitten). They are covered in fleas STILL grrrrr. What I found out and believe this or not I have tested it now for 2 years, Suave (has to be blue shampoo). Why blue shampoo, it is the blue dye that kills them instantly. My granddaughter came home from school with lice. We had to use the lice killing chemical, yet she still through out the lice season she came home with them. I asked the Pharmasists and she said...yep Suave blue colored shampoo. The dye is what killed them. So for the past year and a half we wash her hair with Suave (blue) and she is yet to bring lice home again. Just try it your out what $1.10? My friend had a Lab and he was covered in ticks and fleas, I took over 2 bottles of Suave and we gave him a good sudsy bath, we saw fleas and ticks dropping all over! I am going to try a mixture of Suave(blue), witch hazel, blue food coloring, and vinegar and spray my yard. I was told the winter was to mild (here in Arkansas)to kill the adult fleas this year and they are immune to all the chemicals (per vet tech.) I know all those brand names don't work. Yet if I see them dropping off dead from the kitten and dog when I shampoo, it has to do the same out side.

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DING DONG.....The vet even tells you to use dish soap


Mu cocker-spaniel has ticks. I tried the blue soap and they immediately rise to the top of her hair but only if her hair is short. trying to pick them off individually is a problem for me. I've tried a comb but many are too small. No lasting effect.
I will try the apple-cider vinegar if i can find it. Unfortunately I live in Brazil and many thing are not available here.


Sucks that you would endanger your animals by doubling the amount of a toxic pesticide. I wouldn't want to be your pet.


It is the blue! My vet said use blue dawn, then I read in Readers Digest that it is the blue dye.


Hi Thanks for the post. Can I get the amounts of the oil to combine? As far as dawn dish washing liquid it is the bomb for washing the dogs in but you must wash them with like3 oatmeal sampoo because it will dry their skin out. The blue is the best. Now I am trying to find something for my yard. I live in a trailer park and the cats run free here that are my neighbors and now I have fleas bad fighting them with chemicals Im losing the battle. I am going to home remedies because it is natural and want hurt my pets and son.


Rub cooking oil over ticks that have head buried. They will back out. Couple drops of 10)% Geranium oil repales. just a drop or two , couple drops of dawn soap.

K. B.

It's the surfactant that kills them, not the dye.


Olive oil is what I use. Works well.


Does anyone have a picture of this suave (blue) shampoo?


Nothing works lol

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