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I tried every remedy and chemical out there. Spent a lot of money at the vet's and pet stores. I even doubled the amount of chemical with the chance of hurting my animals. I let the chemicals dry for several hours before I let her out (1 sm dog and a kitten). They are covered in fleas STILL grrrrr. What I found out and believe this or not I have tested it now for 2 years, Suave (has to be blue shampoo). Why blue shampoo, it is the blue dye that kills them instantly. My granddaughter came home from school with lice. We had to use the lice killing chemical, yet she still through out the lice season she came home with them. I asked the Pharmasists and she said...yep Suave blue colored shampoo. The dye is what killed them. So for the past year and a half we wash her hair with Suave (blue) and she is yet to bring lice home again. Just try it your out what $1.10? My friend had a Lab and he was covered in ticks and fleas, I took over 2 bottles of Suave and we gave him a good sudsy bath, we saw fleas and ticks dropping all over! I am going to try a mixture of Suave(blue), witch hazel, blue food coloring, and vinegar and spray my yard. I was told the winter was to mild (here in Arkansas)to kill the adult fleas this year and they are immune to all the chemicals (per vet tech.) I know all those brand names don't work. Yet if I see them dropping off dead from the kitten and dog when I shampoo, it has to do the same out side.

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Doggy Mom

I haven't tried it yet.. Bc my husbands at the store buying some blue shampoo right now.. But I DO believe the dye's important. I have been bathing my dogs once a week with medicated shampoo for dogs with skin problems, from the vet, and they are scratching horrendously from the moment I walk away from bathing them! I really hope this works bc I am freaked out too. I hate seeing my doggies in distress.


I tried the Blue Suave to kill my dogs fleas and it did NOT work. I washed, rinsed, and repeated. It just did not work. I have, however, tried the bakingsoda and salt, and I put a little water in it... let it desolve, and I poored it on my dog. Within a few minutes you couldn't see fleas on her anymore. Make sure you poor dry bakingsoda and salt all on the floor before you poor it on your dogs though. It'll get rid of the fleas.


My kids and I recently got home from a months long vacation. When we arrived home I was horrified to see that all 4 of our dogs (3 large, 1 small) and 1 cat were covered in fleas!!! I have pest control come out every month to spray the house and yards; my parents did the same while I was growing up so I've never had to deal with fleas. It's horrible!!! They are scratching like crazy and in the basement where the dogs like to hang out the fleas jump on your legs when you walk down (it hasn't spread to the upstairs area... YET) The person who stayed here to care for our animals and pay the bills forgot to pay the pest control company so they didn't come to spray all month. I'm not fond of using harsh chemicals on the animals because of my two kids (7&5); trying to keep them from touching the animals for 12 hrs after treatment just doesn't seem realistic. In my search for home remedies I came across this. I know it doesn't say how much of the Suave-blue shampoo to use but, from what I gather it seems you need to use a fairly large amount to ensure the blue dye is thoroughly spread. As a hairstylist, I have a suggestion. There are many other shampoos out there that have much higher concentration levels of blue dye. Matrix makes a shampoo called So Silver or Shimmer Lights (from Sally Beauty Supply) it's designed to cancel out (by staining the hair with violet dye which is mostly blue and small amount of red dye) the yellow-orange discoloration for silver, white and very blonde hair. It is VERY blue; cost about $8 bucks a bottle but, you won't have to use nearly as much. For someone with so many animals this ultimately may be cheaper overall. Since I already have this shampoo I'm going to try using this one on the animals tonight instead of buying 4 bottles of Suave. I will post back and let you know my findings if anyone is interested.


I haven't tried it yet but am going too our winter to was very mild and now the fleas are taking over...we have 5 animals 3 dogs and 2 inside cats and we have had a hard time getting rid of the fleas our one dog when we first got her had a hot spot on her back side we had got that takin care of and now because of the fleas she has 2 long bald spots on either side by the tail so I am defiantly gonna give this a try.....we did eucalyptus and water but all that did was repel them we could tell which spots on the dogs that we missed and also you can't put it on cats so that kind of defeated the purpose for us.....thank you so much for the advice




Must be why regular dawn dish soap works too!!!!

Tiny's Dad

which blue suave? i went to the store yesterday and there was 4 different kinds.


is it any blue suave or its a certain one, cuz i to shave all my dogs hair off wanted to see if that would take the fleas away, but nope their still on him..


Someone mentioned that this worked with lice. It's not the blue that repels lice it is lavender that repels lavender. Any lavender repels lavender. My daughter came home with it and we done EVERYTHING she didn't have it went back to school the week went to spend the night with someone and with a few days had it again...I freaked, someone mentioned that lavender shampoo repels lice so immediately we switched to suave and we have been using it ever since. We ran out and her sister or her didn't tell me. I couldn't get to the store with our busy schedule for a couple of days and it was around Nov. we had just two weeks before that gotten those letters from the school warning us about it. I didn't worry because it had been about 2 years and they hadn't had it, thanks to lavender. Well after about 3 or 4 days of being out of lavender shampoo I noticed what looked like nits in their hair. I got to looking and sure enough. I mean it was only a couple luckily I caught it in time, but let me tell you 5 years later and we DO NOT run out of lavender I'm not sure if it's the same for fleas but I'm gonna try it. Thanks.


U guys keep posting all these remedies 4 fleas but my big concern are the 'ticks' what home remedies are out there to rid our dogs of those monsters???

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